I am off to Paris in Spring!!!

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  1. DH and I first went to Paris together in 1997, is was magical, we travelled everywhere on the Metro, !
    We fitted as much as we could into 3 days!!
    Went to Versailles. Eiffel, Champs, everywhere!!
    Bought a fab pair of red patent shoes from a manic store!!
    Everything was perfect. We sailed down down the Siene and had Dinner on the Bateaux.
    I had my picture sketched, followed by a wonderful Dinner at Montmarte.
    We are going back in March/April!!
    I never knew H then but now I do:graucho:!!!
    There is def going to be no bags, but surely I can sneak in a little goody :yahoo:
    paris 1997 3.jpg
  2. Your sketch is wonderful, Raz! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Lovely sketch! You look very pretty- love that hair!

    I'm sure that you'll be very happy to go there again. Paris is such a romantic, lively, historical, beautiful city... Me and DH had so much fun, great dinners, long walks...! And you will LOVE the FSH store. Hermès fans haven, no doubt about it.. :P Have fun!
  4. Raz...'97 was the first trip to Paris for my DH & I too! We also did the dinner cruise down the Seine! I know it's a touristy thing to do but it's still one of my faves! This past May was my first trip to Paris since going orange and my visits to FSH were so fun & exciting! Can't wait to see what goodies you bring back! BTW....your portrait is Gorgeous!!!
  5. Raz, You look very beautiful in that drawing.

    Enjoy Paris - hope you bring back some orange goodies :yahoo:
  6. Raz - fabulous news. I will look forward to hearing all about it.

    Bon Voyage!
  7. I am very envious of your trip and what a great sketch - it really captures you. You will love the mothership...you definitely are not allowed to leave empty-handed!
  8. I wish I was off to Paris this spring. Happy shopping and enjoying all that Paris has to offer.
  9. Raz, I love that sketch of you. Have fun in Paris!

    (geez, so many people are going this year! I'm envious)
  10. I cant wait, he really wanted to take me to Venice!!
    But Paris, like London , has such special meaning in our relationship, and late 2008 was such a horrid time of year.
    I am trying to pull it forward to Feb, I know the weather wont be great, but I really am dying to get away!!
  11. Sounds so wonderful!!!

    I hope you have another perfect trip!

  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Valentines Day :nuts:
  13. You picked the right place! Venice, while beautiful in its own way, is quite dirtier than I imagined and not what I expected. Of course, I would go there again in a heartbeat, but PARIS! :woohoo:
  14. That is so exciting Raz! I love Paris at any time of year! What fun you will have! :yahoo:
  15. Oh how lovely. And of course you can sneak in a little H something :graucho: great souvenir.

    Your sketch is fab too. When DH and I went we got some crappy silhouettes which they charged a fortune for. Totally ripped off, but we were young and gullible!!