I am off to Californa and Hawaii!

  1. Gals and Guys, I am off to Hawaii tommorrow!!! I will be gone for 7 whole days without the PF!:crybaby: (Note to self: save up for laptop).....I will be on the PF one more time tommorrow morning to just do a quick check of what's going on. My Dad says I might be able to get my Speedy when I'm in Hawaii:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: !!!

    We are first going to Californa until Saturday moring, and then we fly to Hawaii!!! I cant wait!

    When I get back, I will make a new thread with my goodies and what I did while I was there!!

    Be sure to give me an update when I come back!!

    xoxox :cutesy: :queen: :cutesy:
  2. Lucky!! Have a great time!
  3. aww!! have a blast!!!!!
  4. Have fun!!
  5. That's so cool! Have a great time!
  6. Enjoy!! Wave to me as you fly over the Bay Area on your way to sunny beautiful Hawaii!! :yahoo:
  7. I'm so jealous!!! Have a great time and a safe trip!!
  8. have a great time
  9. Have fun!!!! :smile:
  10. Oh wow!!! Have fun! I want to go back to Cali soon!
  11. Have fun, and be safe!
  12. Have fun!
  13. If you go to Ala Moana where one of the LVs are they also have an apple store so you can jump on one of the computers and log on to TPF!!!

    Weather here is pretty nice right now. Hope you have a nice time here!
  14. Have fun!!! :party:

  15. thanks!

    i am going to be on for like 25 minutes more....