I am obviously vacation deprived... I don't have enough jeans!


Sep 9, 2006
I am going on vacation from December 22-31 and will be traveling to visit family... which most of the time is going to mean casual clothing will be the order of the day. I am just now realizing that my two pairs of jeans (a perfectly serviceable number during normal city life, when I wear them 2 days a week max) is not going to be enough for the 9 days I will be gone. Ack.

Any suggestions on how to dress down nicer pants? I mainly have a lot of slacks in stretch wool and pressed cotton. I can get away with looking a bit dressier for the first few days of the trip (I'll be in D.C. and Philadelphia), but not for the last few, when I'll be out in the sticks visiting my mom's family...haha. Help!

i never brought more than 2 pair of jeans on my trip or holidays because they're heavier and take so much rooms...
i'll take more flowy dresses and skirts, also lot of top, preferably able to layered on top of each other to give more different look each time you wear it.

and def. mini dresses i can wear on top of my skinny jeans to minimize the attention to the pants.
When I want to dress down pants, I tend to wear simple ballet flats and casual cotton or wool sweaters. I tend to dress a little preppy, so this style works for me. Hope this help...