I am obsessed with finding a Grapefruit Coin Purse!

  1. And I know I am not the only one!:search: They keep getting reported about in the outlet thread...I am heading out to two different outlets Monday and Tuesday. But, I have called both of them and all they have are the 3 colors of flowers...

    I suppose a pink flower wouldn't be so bad (I have one on hold for Monday), but I really want the grapefruit!! I think I am getting a little OCD about this!:weird:

    Anyone else want to join my citrus club??:party:
  2. LOL'! You know OCD just means On Coach Duty! Atleast thats my term for my OCD! I was just at the Cabazon outlet today and didnt see any fruit, just flower ones, but since I realized Im only about 40 miles away I plan to go alot more freqently so I'll keep my eye out for ya!
  3. count me in! i am freaking out over here for one but can't even think about getting to an outlet. I am toooo far away. I would even be happy with a flower one... they are all just so darned cute!!!! I am sure they are priced great too right now. Figures... i won't be making it to an outlet till late july. :sad:

    Girl, I will shop vicariously through you.... hopefully they have your grapefruit when you go and then you can post tons of pics with you modeling it on your bags LOL
  4. I have the grapefruit AND the fruit lanyard that came out about the same time. I don't think they have the fruit coin purses at any outlets, but they have the flowers from what I have heard. We have no outlets here. :crybaby:
  5. Can someone post pictures of what these look like? I may have seen them at the outlet that I was at today.
  6. I'm in! Those things are too darn cute! Only flowers @ my outlet 2day.... :crybaby:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. no defintely not the only one
  9. I got the yellow flower coin purse at Aurora Farms outlet in Ohio today for $47.99.
  10. Thank you for the photo. Yes that's what I saw at the outlet today. They had 3 colors. If I remember correctly it was yellow, pink and possibly red. they had a few of each of them along with some of the other wristlets they had.
  11. Here is the grapefruit:

    And here is the pink flower:

    The grapefruit has nickel hardware and the little leaf zipper pull! Plus, pink mini sig...How cute!
  12. Which outlet? And, it was the grapefruit, not the pink flower?? TIA!
  13. Shoot now that I am looking at both I can't remember. I know there was a yellow grapefruit. It was the Lahaska, PA outlet. If you call them in the morning I am sure they will be able to tell you for sure.
  14. Yup, join the club!:lol:

    I have been kicking myself since I saw ALL of the fruit slices last summer at the outlet and didn't buy them!:noggin:

    I've been looking for any of the fruit slices ever since and calling my outlet daily like a stalker!:ninja:

    And I WON'T pay eBay prices!:cursing:
  15. Here is mine (and the fruit lanyard):