I am now the proud mommy of TRIPLETS!!!! **COME SEE!!!**

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  1. Merry Xmas my tPF friends!!! I am now the PROUD MOMMY of triplet Ali's!!!! My hubby and my kids bought me a Whiskey Ali, and a Natural Ali for Xmas!!!!! :yahoo: As you all know I received a Black Ali for Chanukah!!!! This was a HUGE surprise as my hubby told me no more Coach til next year!!!!!!!! I'm just sooooooooooo EXCITED! I also got a diamond journey necklace, and a Coach gift card (on the card it says "THIS IS FOR A WALLET TO MATCH TRIPLET ALI'S ONLY!!!!!!!!!") Hubby said he would have chosen a wallet for me, but he wanted one to match all three since I will obviously now be switching bags DAILY!!! Anyway, here are my triplets!!! Enjoy and hope you all had a very Merry Xmas!!!
    Now I need help choosing a wallet that will match ALL THREE OF THEM!!! ANY SUGGESTIONS? I am going shopping tomorrow! PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. I am bumping this one up b/c it has my pics....I double posted by mistake!!! SORRY...it's been a LONG DAY!!!!
  3. The legacy stripe wallet?

    with the legacy stripe wristlet! The wallet is still on Coach.com but the wristlet isn't. I think it's still on some of the department store sites though and may still be available to order from JAX. Chocolate signature goes well with the legacy stripe items too!

    And your triplets are beautiful! That's so sweet of your dh to get them for you!! He did good!
  4. wow! so sweet of your dh...congrats!
  5. OOOOHHHHHHHH......that would look BEAUTIFUL w/ all THREE of them!!! Thanks for the pic! I'll check this one out! It's such a pain to switch wallets when you switch bags which is why I dont switch bags often...til NOW that is!!! LOL Thanks again for the pic and YOUR DH did VERY well too!!!! Saw your pics and DROOLED!!! Merry Xmas!
  6. OMG, I thought you really had triplets. Whew--I am done having mine, but always adore looking at baby pics. Anyway, love your new additions. Such a fan of the whiskey here. I'm going shopping tomorrow and a madeline just might jump into my bag. As for a wallet, do you want leather? If not, what abt the legacy stripe one? Does the ali have a legacy stripe lining? Happy Holidays!

  7. I use the smaller version of this wallet. It is wonderful!!!!! It matches almost all of my bags (since most have legacy lining.) I agree with this one:yes::yes:

    Your Alis are beautiful BTW:okay: You have such a thoughtful family.....So glad you had a great xmas!!!!!!
  8. LOLOL I am done w/ babies as well! Mine are 8 and 5 years old!!! I love looking at baby pics too and thought that would be a cute title!!! LOL I am loving the whiskey too....she is coming shopping w/ us tomorrow! YES, I THINK I want a leather wallet, but not sure....I JUST started adding to my collection w/ leather (with these Ali's....I am mostly a signature girl, but that is changing!)...I am also eyeing that madeline in GREEN!!!!) Yes, the Ali has legacy stripe lining! Have fun tomorrow and let me know if you get a Madeline!!!!
  9. SMALLER VERSION????!!!! That sounds EXACTLY like what I need!!!!! I carry my checkbook separately and ONLY when I need it b/c my wallet and checkbook were stolen once!!! Thanks and thanks to tlloveshim for the idea :flowers:
  10. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're lucky!

  11. THANKS!!!!!!!!!! Now I need a wallet to match the three of them!!!!
  12. Your triplets are divine! :smile:
  13. They're gorgeous!! The legacy stripe wallet would look great with all 3 of them. :drool:
  14. Mommyville, the smaller version is 40240 and the wristlet is 40231. If you find out JAX has 40240, let me know. I'm wanting it and may sell my rose legacy french purse to get the legacy stripe one!

    I've attached pics for reference.
    coach legacy stripe wristlet 40231.jpg 40240.jpg
  15. congrats!!! :yahoo: Your hubby is the Ali King!!! ;)