I am now the proud mommy of TRIPLETS!!!! **COME SEE!!!**

  1. Merry Xmas my tPF friends!!! I am now the PROUD MOMMY OF triplet Ali's!!!! My hubby and my kids bought me a Whiskey Ali, and a Natural Ali for Xmas!!!!! :yahoo: As you all know I received Black Ali for Chanukah!!!! This was a HUGE surprise as my hubby told me no more Coach til next year!!!!!!!! I'm just sooooooooooo EXCITED! I also got a diamond journey necklace, and a Coach gift card (on the card it says "THIS IS FOR A WALLET TO MATCH TRIPLET ALI'S ONLY!!!!!!!!!") Hubby said he would have chosen a wallet but he wanted one to match all three since I will obviously now be switching bags DAILY!!! Anyway, here are my triplets!!! Enjoy and hope you all had a very Merry Xmas!!!
  2. Pressing F5 repeatedly.....
  3. sorry double post...can a mod remove this one for me? Thanks!!!!
  4. Wow ! I can see why though, it is a great bag !
  5. OMG!!! You totally scored!!! Congrats!!!