I am now officially unemployed, LOL

  1. Just want to say that I am glad that I will be able to spend more time with you ladies on this forum :heart: because now I am entitled to the state unemployment benefits!

    Some of you may have read my story that I left my former work of 8 years on Monday 2 weeks ago. Now after 2 days at a hedge fund, I put forward another letter of resignation (at least I saved the last one on my computer, LOL)! Fortunately for one day's work they have allowed me to keep the signing on bonus because I just about broke even for them in one day. Secretly I think my pretension to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown also was a deciding factor, LOL.

    So what am I going to do now? Even better, I will be doing what the Pilgrims did on the Mayflower in 1620 - going to The Americas :smile:. My husband have been asked to join a psychology practice in New York with his American friend (apparently Park Avenue Princesses like their psychologist to have a British accent) so this is probably now a concrete proposition and I will be moving along and bumming around in New York as well!

    So I am going to go househunting in New York sometime soon and will probably have to sell my Paris apartment near Champ Elysées (just about time to let it go because I HATE, HATE, HATE Paris despite being half-French, LOL)

    Can I also say that this could not be a better time to leave work because I am now pregnant (according to the pregnancy test kit anyway, LOL) and may be going to New York will be a new lease of life for me!
  2. WOW!!

    First of all congrats on your pregnancy thats fantastic!!

    Also the move to New York sounds so exciting I am so jealous!! Seriously I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and to be honest it sounds like you have some happy days ahead!! :yes:
  3. Congratulations!!!!
  4. WOw. THis is going to be a year of new beginnings for you! Congratulations and ALL the best!

    karmita (p.s. you should let me rent your paris apt!)
  5. wow! Congrats! It really sounds like some wonderful times ahead! All very exciting, and congrats on the pregnancy!
  6. congrats and hope you have a brill new start in NY!
  7. congrats on the new life you're about to start! a new country, a new child, and a new beginning!
  8. congrats on the pregnancy! I bet this will only be the beginning of good things for you and your hubby!
  9. WOW and congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! That is great news and New York is a great place!!!!

    Might I just recommend, however, that you keep your apartment for us TPFers to use when we visit France? :p :p :smile:
  10. OMG what exciting news, a pregnancy & a move to NYC, I am jealous & I so agree with Christine, please can we have your apartment :yes:
  11. Congratulations on your pregnancy, Mrs. Bee! :yes:

    I was taken aback at first when you mentioned you had resigned from your 2nd job. But it all makes sense now, and I am very happy for you and your husband!

    May I ask why you hate Paris? I suppose I love all of Europe!

    I'm a little surprised, but can understand why you see Paris in a different way. Glad to hear you will be with us more often!
  12. Congratulations! What an awesome new beginning!!!!
  13. The US tpfers will be glad to welcome you to their shores!
  14. Wow, so much going on!

  15. My oh my...you have a lot going on. A lot of major changes as once. We all wish you well and "WELCOME TO THE STATES"!!!! Congratulations on everything, wishing you all the best!!!

    P.S. I am still smiling. It is just so great for you to be blessed with these opportunities!!!