I am now officially a member of the Keepall club!!!

  1. Thanks to eBay...AGAIN!


    Wow! I've been quite the shopper this past 2 weeks

    At Saks I purchased a new PH and zipper wallet (the new one). I LOVE the PH...LOVE it!

    Then I purchased a garment bag on eBay

    Then the epi Tote (see below post)


    and now the Keepall 55!!!

    I'm DONE for at LEAST a year. I have everything I've wanted...for now.

    I can honestly say that between this forum and eBay I've spent WAY more money than I wanted to...:lol: But I'm so very happy with my purchases :yes:
  2. Congrats Jazz! You've been doing a lot of shopping lately!:P
  3. CONGRATS!!!:love: You are on fire, Jazz!!!:biggrin:
  4. Congrats on the keepall!
  5. Beautiful patina on the keepall. Great buy!
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