I am now lusting for...

  1. Both are very pretty!

    I love the colors in the scarf print!
  2. love the ergo scarf print...i want the hobo (#10781) that's made out of it!!!
    :love: :love:
  3. i love browns and light blue together.....something about it
  4. The scarf print is the print on some of the bags in the Red Book (I think). At least very similar...
  5. I like the scarf print! Too bad I buy scarfs and then don't use the darn things! LOL!
  6. I love both of those!!
  7. Love both!! And I'm like tlloveshim....I buy them but never wear them....
  8. That is a gorgous scarf! I love that one and the new watercolor one. I think I may look at those soon.
  9. They're beautiful. I'm afraid to buy a scarf because I probalby will forget to use it.
  10. The huge watercolor tote but lord only knows why I need it.
  11. coach scarves are so pretty. i always put them in my hair and take them out halfway through the day because they annoy me. :sad: but they are SO cute.
  12. You are so me! I just buy them because I think they are cute, but never wear them! lol! I make my mom wear them for me! She loves them!
  13. krispin41... i like the ergo print...i saw a girl in the mall with the boots on and it was soooo cute on her.
  14. Me too! that first scarf is gorgeous- I think the brown and light blue is such a classy look.

    I have a really pretty dark/light blue hamptons print scarf that I never wear either. I love it, but my office is pretty dressed down and I just don't go anywhere fancy enough to dress up anymore!