I am now a proud Chloe paddy owner!

  1. Hi there and thanks to all of you who helped me in my quest for a Chloe!
    I am now the proud owner of two Chloes! One hobo paddington in the grenat color (still trying to get used to that shape but I do love the color) and also one of the original tan chloe paddys in brand new condition (purchased off e-bay with your authentication help). The tan one is still on the way but as soon as I get it, I will post both!
    Now the last thing that I'd like to add for now is an ivory paddy!! suggestions on shape, anyone?
  2. I always thought the box shape was adorable...or another satchel?

    Congrats on your new paddys!
  3. Congratulations on your paddys! :yahoo:
  4. wow, you are our kind of Gal. Not one, but two Chloes to start off your collection ;)

    So happy for you. What ebay one did you go for in the end?
  5. Chloe-babe, thanks so much for your help!! I ended up buying item eBay: CHLOE PADDINGTON HANDBAG, USED ONCE, TAN (item 170014636890 end time Aug-05-06 07:25:10 PDT)

    I asked for more pix and posted them here and got the thumbs up! I am glad I got the tan (on your recommendation:yes: ), I think it will be the perfect color.
    What do you think for a style for an ivory bag? I need something to sling over the shoulder cause I've got the two girls--they are two handfulls!
  6. Congrats on getting your two Chloes! Please post pics!
  7. Congrats on your two new Chloe bags!! The tan is amazing; I love mine and will never, ever part with it!

    We have very similar taste in bags. :biggrin:
  8. We do!! I'll post pictures next week when it arrives!
  9. Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics!
  10. Congratulations! The paddington is such a versatile color. As everyone mentioned, please post photos of your new beauty!
  11. Congrats! You got some great buys!
  12. I did!! I am so excited! Thanks elongreach for your help and pix...it really helped alot with my decision!!
  13. congrats and welcome to paddyville. the madness starts now :yahoo:
  14. Looking forward to seeing the pics!!! Congratulations! I think no harm in getting the paddy satchel in ivory, even if you already have it in tan -- it's still the best shape!
  15. Congrats! Can't wait to see your photos!