i am not sure about the price..


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Jul 10, 2010
Hey there!

I am pretty new to this forum :biggrin:

Wandered around ebay and found some nice bags I want to bid..
but I never bought the bags from ebay and the prices are bit weird.

question 1. how come they sell 'never used bag' or 'brand new'
that look a like quiet few years old models?

question 2. they sometimes say they have 'tag' for bag..
but I think I never had a bag with 'tag' attached.

I have two Prada bags, once purchased at duty free shop and
the other one purchased from Prada soho, ny
but both did not have and attached tag.

but in the photo, I could see the white tag line around the handle of the bag. Are these guys fake?

here are some link I found..


(this you might see the white tag line on the handle..)