I am not feeling good. What to do?

  1. I sold a watch on eBay and buyer said it doesn't fit her. She said the measurement of the watch band is smaller than what I stated. I am 100% sure my description is accurate since I bought the watch online and copy the description on the website. My return policy is "return accepted if not as described" What should I do? She wants to return it. I already spend $ to list that watch. What to do if she will file a complaint on paypal? Do you think paypal will be on my side? Thanks guys!
  2. Ask her to take a pic of it next to a ruler or something.
  3. Maybe her wrist is bigger than she thought?
    I agree with Cola262 have her take a picture of the measurements.
    Can the watch be made bigger, are there extra links or anything?
    You could always recommend she list it on eBay. If I buy something on eBay and it doesn't fit I sell it on, I don't expect to be able to return it.
    Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the reply guys. The watch is definitely 8 inches. She said she doesn't like the closure type. The watch is adjustable but I don't why it doesn't fit her. She must have big wrist.
  5. I smell buyer remorse here.
  6. Yes I think you are right and she probably grasping at straws for some way to return it
  7. She said she is going to her lawyer to settle this. She paid $250 for the watch. And also, her feedback is private. I don't know what kind of ebayer is she.
  8. Sit back and wait then......she has to prove your measurements were wrong and if they were then you can help her out but if they are correct then she'll have wasted lawyers fees!

    Some people have to become so unpleasant. Is it a metal strap? If it's leather she can just buy a larger strap.....
  9. It's a leather strap. I'll just wait for her next move.
  10. Her lawyer settle it? How? I'm guessing you live in a different state than her and the watch isn't worth over $75,000, so I'm not sure how she thinks she is going to drag you to court. Good luck on ebay--what a minezone!
  11. Ok. So she is not contacting her lawyer. She said she will return it even if I don't agree. What to do now?
  12. This kind of buyer puts you in a real predicament, if she files a claim and paypal sides with her you may never see your watch again.
    It would probably be best to accept the return and refund her $$ minus shipping & your fees. If she completes the mutual agreement form you could then refund her the final value fees, but not the listing fee if that makes sense.
    What a pain!