I am NOT "COOL" enough...

  1. :sweatdrop: I teach First Graders and during our Friday Fun Day (last half hour of the day to do any art/crafts activity of choice) I was going around making observations and commenting on some of the great creative art pieces my students were making. It was the last day before vacation hits and one of my male students comes to me to show me his tangram project:

    Student: "Miss *****, Look what I made!!"

    Me: "WOW, that is quite impressive!"
    "Great way of displaying geometric shapes!"

    Student: "THANKS" (looking proudly at his work)

    Me: "Great Job!"
    "Looks very COOL"

    Student: (blank stare)
    "Teacher, you're NOT ALLOWED to say COOL"
    "Only young people can say that!"
    "Kids are cool, but older people are not allowed to use the word!"

    Me: :shame: He..Heh.:shame:
    "Keep doing your work"
    (Pat his shoulder)

    Hahaa...so yea....when did 25 become SOOO OLD?? ahha I guess to children any authoritative figure is someone OLD. So, yes....I was lectured by my 6 year old student. I am not young or cool enough to use the word "COOL" anymore! hahaha :sweatdrop: :push:
  2. LOL!! That's cute!:roflmfao:
  3. LOL I have a 6 year old myself - just priceless aren't they?? LOL I reckon you can say cool all you want on TPF though!!
  4. Lol
  5. aww what a cute student =)
  6. Too funny! I wonder what that generation's slang is going to be.
  7. :roflmfao: that's too cute. Poor old teacher! ;) Just kidding, though, you're at your prime!
  8. Awww, kids always seem to say exactly what they are thinking!
  9. thats cute.....
  10. Kids say the darndest things!! You are not old!!
  11. I would have replied- okay then... Groovy!!!:p
  12. haha:roflmfao:
    i guess i'm too old too....:crybaby:
  13. aw bless, how cute :biggrin:
  14. lol, very cute!
  15. HAHA! too cute. :biggrin: