I am not a plastic bag - back in store!

  1. Just thought I would let you ladies know that you can purchase a bag direct from wearewhatwedo.org as they have some more in stock!

    I already have one but I thought if anyone wanted one and didn't want to pay ebays ridiculous prices then this is the time to do it!:tup:
  2. Thanks for the info, too bad they only ship to UK mainland!!
  3. Thanks Rach, I have one and my daughter wants one as her school bag! You have to order it as a kit with the ethical book but its still, as you say, alot cheaper than buying on eBay!! ;)
  4. yay, i finally got one!! :smile: thank you
  5. can anyone post the bag please!!! ;)
  6. I know! But they only ship to the UK! Anyone here willing to share a UK address with me?
  7. Any kind hearted soul willing to share a UK address with me too?
  8. Thanks so much for the info, RachelA:flowers: ... it's too bad that they only ship within the UK:sad:
  9. I just ordered one! It was perfect that my best friend is working in London at the moment... but I'd rather have him here and I miss him terribly... but at this moment it was good that he's away LOL

    I read that they are not letting me choose a colour, so I might be getting any one of the colours they have .... I am hoping I will get the original UK version, that or the green... *fingers crossed*

    But before all that, I am hoping that my order will process through! It would only confirm that I will get a bag if both the credit card processing site and wearewhatwedo.org sends me an email... I got an email from the credit card processing company, but not from wearewhatwedo.org... fingers double crossed!