I Am NOT a department Store!

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  1. Sometimes I just dont know what to make of people! I get these messeges from potential buyers all the time and it really bothers me!!

    Dear BB's (<- this is not my ebay I.D so please dont edit my post)

    I saw this same bag your selling at (insert department store here) on sale for this much. Will you match the price? Is so I will purchase immediatly.


    Um yeah no! Im not a department store! Yeah I bought it for that much too but I have Ebay/Paypal fees to deal and Im not about to lose money! Am I the only one that gets these requests? Its not the first time. If they saw it at (insert department store here) then go get it there!:graucho:
  2. She can buy it in department store then. What's the problem?
    I get those kind of e-mails too.
  3. tell her will Sak match price for that same bag as NeimanM? this is high end designer, not walmart (i dont mean to look down walmart- just a comparation)
  4. It would be like me going into nordstroms and grabbing a 1000$ marc jacobs bag and asking the associate if i can get it for 400$ because I know thats what they pay wholesale for it.
  5. lol people are crazy.
  6. We could go to a department store and ask them to match ebay prices..;)
  7. I have a better idea, how about if I buy a bag from you, you match my 401k plan.....
  8. Instead bothering her time to send seller such that useless message, it's better if she just simply go to that dept. store and purchase it there :Push:
  9. LOL. I like your idea :tup::lol:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. moi that is hilarious!!
  12. Lol!! I don't understand people sometimes!

    Once I was selling a pair of nicer shoes I had only worn a couple of times then decided to get rid of since they were uncomfortable. So some buyer emails me and is like, "do you have these in a 9?" Uh...no...:blink:

  13. LOL :Push:
  14. Lol, then go get your sale Missy! Who cares about what it is currently costing at the department store. They pay close to nothing anyways so they NEVER lose. These types of messages make you wanna close up shop on Ebay...lol.
  15. Haven't gotten one about shoes but have beena asked if I have the sames used bag in a different color or size??? Yeah I stock them:Push:.