I Am Nominated For Chick of the Month

  1. This local boutique, Chick has a website/store and I am nominated for the "Chick of the Month" contest because I entered in a little blurb about what fashion means to me. I have a decent amount of competition but figured I would see if anyone was interested in casting a vote my way.

    I am "Jessica" listed second from the top. You should really see all the nominees and decide for yourself though:


    If I win, I would get a gift card for the store but even better, the glory of having the winning entry. I wrote it really fast so who knows...
  2. Voted for you and good luck.
  3. I THINK my vote went through. When you vote, does it just re-load to the same page? Thats what happened when I filled in my name and e-mail. I hope it went through! Good luck!!
  4. It told me to check my email and confirm my vote, which I did. Then it said to check back at the end of the month and see how our "chick" did.
  5. Ok, I got it. For some reason it wasnt doing that before! Hmmm. But yea, my vote went thru this time! yay! haha. Thanks girl!
  6. I voted for u. Hope u win. Good luck :smile:
  7. I voted for you also!
    Good luck.:flowers:

  8. Yay! Thank you guys!

    I am excited and it is so sweet of you all to support me!
  9. Good luck girlie!!! Definitely rooting for you!
  10. GOOD LUCK!!:tup:

    I voted for the best!! YOU! :yes:
  11. I voted for you too! I hope you win, we're all rooting for you! :yahoo:
  12. I voted for you too. Good luck!
  13. Another vote for you. Good luck:tup:
  14. Voted for you!
  15. I voted for you too! Good luck!