i am no longer an lv virgin...(reveal)

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo: i don't know if any of you all remember a few days back when i wanted 2 hear from all of the lv virgins out there!!!!!!!!well thanks to the charleston south carolina store on king's street i lost mine!!!!!they only had one of these beauties left...so it must have been fatei'd also like to thank my wonderful sales associate Jaret for being fantastic!!!!!! i am alreasy dreaming of my next purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: any guesses?????
  2. Im just gonna guess the Artsy!
  3. Can't wait to see pic!! Probably the beautiful Artsy!!
  4. Okaaaaay, let's see which bag you've lost your virginity over!!! :nuts:
  5. :party: Let's see!
  6. no not the lovely artsy....lol hey t-girl!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hints or teaser pics?
  8. ughhh! i am not a patient woman!
  9. Lets see! :biggrin:
  10. pics please!!! im soooo not good at guessing but um... azur speedy?
  11. it's light and sunny but grey all over....lol
  12. vernis alma in gris?
  13. lol.. tough one
  14. Is it a bag or slg?
  15. show me!