I am no longer a Gucci virgin!

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  1. Here she is... my first, and definitely not my last! :yahoo:
    DSC03966.JPG DSC03967.JPG
  2. Ooooohh that's a very good 1st!! You won't ever get tired of that one! Congrats! I also just got my 1st last weekend - new britt hobo, white trim!
  3. This is a great bag! Especially for a first Gucci. Congratulations.
  4. that's a nice first Gucci bag. Enjoy it and congrats.
  5. LOVE IT!!! I have the same one in brown. It is def. one of my favorite.
  6. oooh...very very cute!
  7. Thanks so much everyone. I am so thrilled with my new bag... I keep walking into my closet just to look at it again... :love:
  8. Ahhhh. I like it very much. I haven't seen this one before.

    Nice choice for a first bag.

  9. Beautiful bag! Perfect! Congrats & enjoy!! :heart: Emmy
  10. Very cute! Addiction to no end!!!
  11. Cute.
  12. That's adorable!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Congrats on not being a virgin anymore...let the addiction begin!!!

  15. great bag!!!congrats!