I am new!

  1. Hi Ladies
    I am new. I started this forum yesterday. Everyone was so nice. I just wanted to say HI. Also, does anyone have any tips for me about this forum. I am so excited.
  2. Is there a place to go and introduce myself? :tup:
  3. :tup:thank U
  4. hello, and welcome!
  5. welcome to tPF!
  6. Welcome!
  7. hi!!!
  8. Welcome to tPF! :smile:
  9. Hey there--welcome! If you haven't already, read over the rules of the forum. They are mostly common sense, but the admins and moderators try to keep it clean and respectful. (Disagreement isn't a problem, we try to be civil about it!)

    There are lots of topics that may interest you--your favorite purses may have their own designer subforum; if they don't, go to "handbags and purses" where all the other brands are discussed plus anything related to bags.

    Look at other subforums that sound interesting to you. My favorites (there's a thread about this topic) are this one (general discussion), Celebrity, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Animalicious, Bottega Veneta, and I also like reading about good deals and about eBay.

    There's lots to enjoy and learn here and so many helpful people. Welcome aboard!
  10. Welcome!!!!!! Have FUN!!! :heart: You will learn a lot about everything from handbags to friendship to money to plain old life! There are a lot of witty, intelligent and zexy women on here! And men (hi Charles and Co.)...so jump right in!
  11. Welcome! There are so many things to do on here rather than working on some important project or doing laundry... so stay a while and have fun! :flowers: