i am new to chloe and needing some help

  1. after binging on balenciaga (buying 5 in about 2 months), i think i am overdosed. i have deicded that my next bag will be a paddy. after looking at all the pretty pics in this forum, i am interested in mousse color. my question is whether this is an old color or not, if it is, can i still find it anywhere?
    thanks for your help
  2. I have a Mousse Paddy. It was from Spring 2006!!! And it is one of the most versatile colors! I saw some recently on the floor at Barneys and NM in Chicago!!! You will love it! Keep us posted!
  3. how much do they sell for? does paddy ever come out in dark blue or maybe very dark deep red?
  4. Standard paddy satchel will run you around $1500. Pocket satchel medium runs around $1640. The large paddy shopper runs a bit more than that. There are many styles, but it's all within the $1500 - $2000 range. (The only one I'm not sure about is the mini paddy). The paddy did come out in a dark blue (several blue colors in fact), bleu nuit is my personal favorite. There are also a grenat red paddy and it is absolutely stunning!
  5. sometimes, you can find a good priced one on ebay. be sure u authenticate here first.... like bbags, there are a lot of chloe superfakes. chloe can be just as addicting as bbags!
  6. so, i hav been staring at some pics on aloharag, and nap.
    hows anthracite (sp?) different from black? from the pics i saw online, it looks black.
    also, any suggestion as to what color i should get for my first paddy?
  7. Aubergine is metalic black (I think it may have a bit of a purple-ish shine to it) and Black is regular black. :yes:
  8. anthracite is more like metallic midnight blue/black. It is a beautiful color and one that will certainly turn heads. I also have the acier metallic which of my 6 paddies is probably my favorite and goes with the most but i have it in the hobo. Best bag ever!