i am new to BV... HELPP

  1. Great. Thank you!!
  2. i tried both large and maxi..
    i think that the large one is too small for mee..hehehehe
    i personally love bigg bagss.. it is likee the bigger the better haahahhaha.
    how about color transfer ?? i can see that people chatting about it..
    what color would you suggest as this is my 1st bv hobo?

  3. is placing an order by phone can be considered as placing it online ???
  4. The measurements will vary slightly, but most likely not more than an inch in the width of the Maxi Veneta. Just so you know that if you are expecting something that is 19", and it is actually 20", that is not a defect. And I am suggesting that the measurement information is not always accurate on the department store website. I buy from all sorts of places, BV, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bluefly, eBay, etc. If you buy from BV, you can only return for store credit.

    Which brings me to the next point...have you tried on a Maxi? I let mine go because it did not suit my body type. The large works better on me. I bought it because I loved the leather texture, but in the end it was just too wide for me. But, I have seen Maxis look great on all sorts of bodies, thick and thin. So I would definitely recommend buying from somewhere you can return if it does not suit you. Unless you know for sure it is a size that works.

    There are several threads on the forum about this Maxi -vs- Large Veneta. HTH ;)
  5. Ordering online and calling a boutique are two different experiences. Here is Joyce's contact info. 404-467-8705 She's an SA in the Atlanta boutique. She's a delight to work with.
  6. ordering from the website with the personal shopper is not the same as calling a BV boutique
    you establish a relationship with a SA when you call a boutique
    they will notify you about sales etc
    I think it is better to have someone to advise you, do consignments with you etc

  7. If you love the maxi and you're sure that's the one you want, they won't vary significantly in size from one to the next. Don't get too hung up about the measurements that Neiman Marcus has listed.

    Color transfer: you already know this answer if you've already read the posts discussing it. If it's light-colored, it will show color transfer from dark denim, if that's what you mean. I think all light colors will show dirt, wear, and color transfer more than dark colors. Even some medium colors will show color transfer, too. That's just the way it is.

    What color for your 1st BV? I say, get the color you like the best and want the most. Whether it's you 1st BV or your 100th BV, there's no point buying it if it's not a color that you really like.

    I don't understand your question. I think what Septembersiren meant was that under BV's company policy (whether you order it online or place the order by telephone), the billing address and the shipping address have to match for BV to send the bag. In other words, if you charge the bag on your credit card, you probably can't have it shipped to your sister in Texas.

    EDITED: I see that Septembersiren has clarified her comments for herself! Well, anyway, I think you're still going to have the same problem ordering by phone or online--you probably can't have it shipped to your sister in Texas if your credit card has a billing address in Indonesia, if that is BV's policy (I don't work for BV, so I can't say for sure).

  8. i want something beautiful yet easy to maintain...
    im thinking to get black/grey/red ...
    the black one seems "owkay" ..because personally i dont like black bags because it is black (hahaha) but.. i want to have a black bag.. you know, for some reasons.. black matches with any color ...

    grey - another option instead of the black one

    red - i an in lovee with the red one fromm 2010..kinda pop color, very beautiful... but , is it hardd to mix n match with red bag ???

    because i am kinda person who like pastel color... but sometimes i loveee red.. just sometimes...

    im afraid of dirt...
    most of my bags are in light colors... and everytime i use those bags, i have to clean them, and thats stressfull... u know.. like chanel's lambs , i have to erase the dirt until it is gone.. and the result is ..both the dirt and the shine are gonee .. even the color itself..

    soo.. what do u suggest ??

    and btw im using my sis cc.. so that i can deliver it to her add...
  9. oh i see.. because i have never dealt with any SA before...
    sounds good... :smile:

  10. i've tried the maxi .. and love it !
    btw.. thank youuu for the very usefull infoo..
    just knew that bv does store credit ..

    and, i read some posts that someone bought a pair of shoes at saks.. and found out that those are fake ... have u heard abt it ?
    is it possible ??
  11. heyy u have the same SA with littlemidori..
    i guess she is the good one..
    thank you for the info .. will call her asap
  12. I have not heard about that specific instance. Despite the fact that some people are dishonest, not all department store employees recognize an authentic item from a counterfeit. I remember a while back someone got a fake BV from Bergdorf Goodman. Evidently someone returned the fake, and BG put it right back into their warehouse to sell again as a presumably authentic bag. That next person got the fake and she had a really hard time getting her money back. This sort of thing does happen from time to time. I prefer to see the item in person before taking it home. I do not have a BV boutique near me, so if I know exactly what I want, I order through them. That way I know there will not be any risks for me. I rarely have buyer's remorse, and know that if I do, I should have thought about my purchase more before pulling the trigger.

    I am glad you love the Maxi. Have you decided which color it will be?
  13. I love the black lambskin BVs, the skin is not matte, it has a slight sheen. And yes, black does seem to go with everything. The Ebano brown is my favorite BV color, but you have to like brown. I wear a lot of brown and colors that go with brown.

    I love red, not just sometimes, but all the time. Certain shades of red look better than others, depending on your complexion. I have to wear the blue-reds, instead of the orange-reds because of my skin tone. I wish I could wear the orangey-red shades because I love that color.

    If you are afraid of dirt, then get something deeper in color. There is a Violet coming this Spring, and I believe it is available in a Maxi. It is a hard decision because there are so many reasons one color or another is appealing. They are all yummy. Best of luck.
  14. Well, we can't pick the color for you. You're the one who has to love it. But based on what you've written above:

    -if you don't like black, don't get black (even if you think it's the safest choice--it doesn't matter if it matches everything if you don't actually like the color)

    -if you want easy maintenance and are afraid of dirt, then don't get a lighter color

    -it doesn't sound like you have any opinion on the grey, which to me means that it doesn't really sing to you and you shouldn't spend so much money for a color that is just "eh...."

    -red from 2010 won't be available anymore at the boutiques

    My answer is still the same: get the color that you really like and that you won't be afraid of to wear for fear of dirt.

    Probably, your color choices are going to be limited to what is currently available in the maxi size if you're going to buy from the BV boutique. Sometimes, Neiman's and other places have other colors, but usually not more than the current season, plus the usual black and ebano (dark brown). If you're going to work with a certain SA at a boutique, then that SA will be able to tell you what your options are right now. And if you don't end up liking any of the options now, you might have to wait another season. I've done that before. Good luck deciding!

  15. why is it taking me like decadessss just to choose the color .. hahahhahaha
    Thank youuuuu !!!