i am new to BV... HELPP

  1. and... the one with grey fabric lining seems smaller than the one with suede lining...
  2. I can't say for sure because I'm not looking at the actual bags, nor am I measuring their dimensions.

    But it seems to me, aside from the stated descriptions, the most obvious difference is the colors. One is Fire, and the other is Black. That alone might be why they have two different item numbers. These bags are soft (not rigid) and their individually made, so perhaps whoever was writing up the measurements when they were preparing the item descriptions measured two sample bags and got two different results.

    But again, I don't work for Neiman Marcus, so I can't say for sure.
  3. everyone who measures
    measures differently
    they are both Maxi Venteas
    the lining depends on the color outside
    most bags are lined in mushroom except for the year the did ink they lined most dark bags in royal purprle
  4. Maybe the one in the first link is available in current seasonal colors (peridot, fire).
  5. so.. they both are maxi... and they actually have the same dimensions ..
    am i right ?
    does the nappa leather get dirty/scratch easily ? compare to the chanel's lambskin ..
    and what color do you think is the most beautiful ?
  6. nappa leather is lambskin
    color is your preference
    has a lot to do with what colors your wardrobe are what colors you like
    I believe that both a maxi Venetas
    three people could measure and get 3 different answers
    why don't you compare it to dimensions on the website
    I think they are there not sure
    I myself did not buy a maxi because I am short 5'2" and felt that it was to wide
    I purchased a large nero belly
    the rounded corners were better for me
    if you don't buy it from NM you should buy it from a BV boutique
    if anything happens to it within a year a purchase BV will fix or replace it
    don't know the NM policy
    my SA is joyce at the atlanta store she is great

  7. it is confusing... isnt it ???
    so, you suggest me to buy through bv boutique .. am i rite ?
    so.. everybag does came in different dimensions because it is handmadee ??
    and btw, u did own a maxi.. why did you let it go ???

  8. does the nappa get dirty easily just like chanel's lamb does ???
    i prefer neutral color that easy to maintain ...
    i was thinking to get the yellow one..but im afraid, it will get dull

  9. oh really ???is that policy only for BV atlanta or all bv boutique around the world ?andd if i buy from bv.com , would they still fix/replace it within a year ?
    because unfortunately i live in Indonesia, i can buy it online and have it delivered to my sis in Texas
  10. obanana- do you have access to anyplace where you could try on the maxi veneta? it is really so much a personal preference. i have the maxi and the large veneta and right now i prefer the large veneta- not that i don't like my maxi veneta-

    the maxi veneta is really big although it gets very slouchy and has a really nice casual funky vibe and can hold a ton while still being light weight.

    i have never owned a chanel bag so i cannot contrast with chanel but i think the dirt factor is more color dependent and for that reason i pretty much stick to the darker neutrals.

    i would not hesitate to buy from neiman's and they have a better return policy. as far as servicing i believe that as long as the bag is an authentic bottega then bottega will service it although not sure if there will be a charge.

    in my experience the bags do not require a lot of servicing and when one of mine did it was fixed perfectly.

    take you time and ask tons of questions.
  11. the BV policy as of last january 2010
    it is the policy of all BV USA to fix repair any mfg defect within a year of purchase from a BV USA boutique.

    As far as I know if you place a phone order with BV.com or a BV boutique that they will only be able to ship to the billing address of the card holder.

    If you are in a BV store in person and swipe your card, they will ship it to any address.

  12. Hi there, a quick question. If I have never been in a boutique to make a purchase, can I call any SA in any boutique to place an over-the-phone order? Or can I only buy online? Thanks for the clarification!:smile:
  13. U can call any BV boutique in USA and place an order
    if you call Hawaii the shipping charge is more because everything goes air frieght from Hawaii
    My SA is Joyce in Atlanta. She is wonderful