I am new to Balenciaga, how can I locate a Rouge VIF city/ twiggy?

  1. Hi gals,

    I am new to balenciaga, not completely new.. i used to own a 05 black city.. I really want to get the Rouge VIF color either in twiggy or city. I live in New Zealand.. I just wonder will aloharag or Balenciaga NY or LVR have any stock at the moment??

    thanks a lot!
  2. BAL NY has a wait list for the rouge vif City and I heard it's suppose to be coming in within 2 wks or so. However, their international shipping is pretty expensive.

    Aloha Rag will be getting theirs soon but not sure when and they have free shipping.

    As for the twiggies, I'm not sure. Maybe the other girls here might know?
  3. just wonder is rouge vif the most popular color for this season?
  4. Apparently so! :yes: Red is the hit color for the upcoming holidays! :yahoo:
  5. I love red! I have these red shoes, that have hearts on em. hahahaha valentines a holiday!!!! ;P
  6. hey ChloeSS yeah get a b-bag... you'll LOVE it!!!!
  7. I bought the rouge vif city from LVR a week ago. You should e-mail them and ask!

    Good luck :smile:
  8. Hi Azure, pardon my ignorance but what is LVR? Also, do they do international shipping?
  9. ^ Yep, that's correct ;)
  10. I think Aloha Rag has rouge vif twiggies available.
  11. thanks everyone, i will email them now. I assume LVR is a bit cheaper than aloharag ??
  12. I think so, but I'm not sure. I checked my e-mail, and from LVR I payed euro 787,50, but since I live outside EU I have to pay tax (which is 25% in my country, but I think it varies from country to country). If you live in EU you have to pay euro 945 to LVR and that is included tax :smile: