I am New Minkette: MA CLUTCH--is this style OLD-why so hard to find??

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  1. What's up with the MA clutch--I am new to RM--is this style old I cannot find it anywhere--not even Ebay?? Thanks:crybaby:
  2. Lunaboston has a deep purple one still. Otherwise, you can call around the various Saks.

    The clutch was a style that was resurrected this fall and it sold out quickly. Plus, it wasn't released in all that many colors, so there was fewer of them to go around.
  3. It is not an old style, but certain colors are hard to come by. Which are you looking for?
  4. The new ones with the strap are new, but there were some old ones from a couple of years ago (I think). My old-school yellow suede clutch:


    I would love a new-style MA clutch in sea green - so beautiful for fall!!
  5. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!:drool:

  6. Wow! That yellow is pretty. I don't recall ever seeing anything like it!
  7. I don't know how old it is. I bought it on ebay for $85 (!!) about a year ago. It has the sparkly purple leopard lining.
  8. That is TDF, Brenn!
  9. That is by far the best MA clutch I have seen so far. I love both the suede and the juicy color.
  10. ^^^ :drool:

    old hardware clutch!! i love it!
  11. I was thinking of ordering a chain, but I don't know if the ones available on the site match the old brass hardware. I do worry about how long-lived a suede clutch will be - so far, so good, but I don't carry it super-often. It is a great size, which is why I would love to have one of the leather ones in a gorg color like the sea green!
  12. I have a chain that I am assuming is RM (it came with a MAM that I got from a small boutique) and the gold does not match the brass on my old hardware bags. Just saying...
  13. Brenn18 --- I love you MA Clutch!!

    BTW.. Is there a thread for all RM clutches? Maybe we should create one for reference?What do you think?
  14. Good idea having a thread for clutches - I know there are some people out there with the old hardware clutches in brown and cream, too. The cream is TDF! (also thanks for the heads-up on the chain. I guess it won't match the old hw on my glazed espresso MAB either, then. Oh well.)