I am new here...In LOVE with the Tivoli!!!


Jun 21, 2006
Northeast USA
Hello~I am new to the LV boards and wanted to post about the Tivoli.
I 3 LV bags...but have been watching and waiting for the perfect bag in the monogram bags.

I thought the Beverly would be it last year - but realized the leather corners would show dirt and stains so easily and that would break my :heart:.

I wanted to find a bag that had no leather on the bottom and had the right shape and style. I recently came across the Tivoli PM and fell in love.

I love so many things about this bag. I love that it's zippered with a cute LV pull, I love the pleats on the bag, I love the fact that there is no leather on the bottom, the shape, etc....

My LV store only had the PM in stock! It was adorable but I wanted to compare it in person to the GM - but they had none in stock.
I'm more of a shoulder bag person...and I think the GM might be better.
I can't wait to compare the two. This will definitely be a purchase this summer or fall. I can't wait! It's such a beauty!
Too bad there will be a price increase.

Hands down, this is my favorite new monogram bag from LV!:girlsigh:
Jan 12, 2008
Southern Cali
I just got mine in the GM size today bf the price increase. The GM is pretty large but I like and need a big bag. The Tivoli GM and PM need to be on the WL because of the demand. My friend wanted the PM but was informed that she would have to wait for a long long time. There was only one that came in to SCP and I got it. It is so gorgeous. I could have gotten it in Paris when I'm there but I dont have the luggage space for it. Go put your name on the WL.