I am nervous to drink

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  1. Hi everyone! I want to drink the water from a coconut, I've tried cracking it open and doesn't open!!!:push: I managed to make a small hope up at the top of the coconut and I can get a straw through it. But I'm scared to drink the juice without actually seeing the juice has anyone ever drank the juice without seeing? There cant be any bugs or anything like that in there, right?
  2. hehe....you're killin' me here!! Nah, I think you're good to go!!!!
    Go for it...come on, step out on the limb! take a chance.....you need to take the bull by the horns, girl!

    GET YOU SUM!!!
  3. LOL! I'm sure it's fine, but why don't you just pour a teeny bit out first and look at it?
  4. LOL!!! Can you not pour it into a glass? haha i would be afraid of bugs too.
  5. LOL... Okay maybe I've become a little too paranoid!!!
  6. Oops!
  7. I did but very little comes out and the little bit that did come out had debris in it. That's what made me nervous!:push:
  8. Lol it's fine, and it's pretty darn good :biggrin: Just in case I'd make the hole as big as you can...or take a small ax to it hah...and take a peek at it first
  9. Wooo i love fresh coconut juice.... was it yummy???

    Even if i could, I don't usualy look at the juice, i just slurp it all up!!!
  10. When I was in Brazil, I drank right out of the coconut all the time. Good stuff.
  11. We drank from coconuts in Tahiti. They're yummy!
  12. My father usually lays the coconut down and whacks off the top. Although for us females, I guess we mess up somtimes lol. Go for it and drink it. I think that debris you see is just flakes that are part of the cocunut skin. Enjoy!
  13. I've never tried it, but I'm sure you'd be fine!! A little bug won't hurt, I've heard they're all protein lol. Besides, people eat bugs in other countries. And surely your stomach juices would kill it before it could even hurt you.
  14. I'm sure it's fine, I don't think bugs can get in. Do you have a hand drill? Those are great for making holes in coconuts.
  15. I don't think bugs can really get inside the coconut, but who cares, coconut juice is yummy!!