i am my own santa

  1. :graucho: here's what i got mself for xmas

    the pink medallion is going back if anyone wants it please PM me before i return it, I will tell you which store I am returning it to so you can buy it there. my reaction went from :nuts: to :throwup: (don't shoot me please) it was on sale.

    the outdoor ligne, wallet and shoes were all on sale :yahoo: go me! my SA is the best!!
    bow heels.jpg bow heels 2.jpg flats.jpg flats 2.jpg outdoor ligne.jpg
  2. :wlae:when i saw the yellow cc holder i was like OMG ss08?! but no...idk what season it's from but it was a return
    madamoiselle wallet.jpg madamoiselle wallet 2.jpg pacific palisades.jpg pink medallion.jpg yellow cc holder.jpg
  3. You bought yourself some great Christmas gifts! I especially love the Outdoor Ligne bag. I think the yellow credit card holder was from Spring 2007, because I almost bought it from Nordstrom back in July. Enjoy your presents!

  4. Love the shoes and the medallion tote! was that one on sale too?:nuts: congrats!!

    edit: o oops, I didn't read it well, I thought you were returning the first pink one. How much was the medallion if I may ask?
  5. what store did you get that outdoor ligne tote and what was the final price
    I am looking for one- PM me
  6. you did well and I think its right to bring the medallion tote if you are not in love with it- enjoy the rest of your goodies
  7. LOVE the shoes...and everything else!
  8. thank you ladies!

    i got the wallet, the pink medallion and the outdoor ligne at NM.

    the outdoor ligne was about $1200 and the medallion tote $1400 (or a bit more but under $1500)
  9. You can never go wrong when you are your own Santa! Great haul, I love everything!
  10. wow...great stuff!! I love that new tote with the major logo on the front, is that the "LA" one?
  11. :nuts::nuts::drool:...drooling over ouydoor bag..any more left?
  12. i love the shoes and the wallet!! where and how much did the ballerinas cost after discount? oh my i don't even think they have my size left!!
  13. Enjoy your presents!!!! Sometimes it's much for fun to be the Santa and get exactly what you want.
  14. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!!! Congrats!!!
  15. congrats on all your proddies, loving the bags and shoes