I am LUVVVIN my Medallion :)

  1. So I chose the Medallion over the PST and so far I adore the bag! It's is sooo great and so easy. It's not heavy and it's easy to get my things out of. I am not sure why some people find it hard to get in and out of the purse because I certainly don't.

    Anyone thinking about getting the Medallion, don't hesitate. It's wonderful :tup:
  2. oooh, have u posted pictures? i'm thinking abt the medallion in PINK! :p can't stop thinking about it...
  3. I think she posted some modeling pics in some previous threads of hers when she was having trouble deciding.

    Glad you like!!!!!! I'm soo wanting one but can't right now with a baby on the way. I need something much bigger to carry his things. When our DS gets bigger though, I'm allll over that if I can find one that's been previously owned (on a Chanel boycott).
  4. Glad you don't find it hard to get in and out of. My s/a sent me a photo of the dark bordeaux Medallion tote and it is gorgeous! If I don't like my dark brown Cerf tote when it arrives I'm sending it back for the Medallion!
  5. Yay, so glad you are loving your new bag.

    Many congratulations :biggrin:
  6. Ohhh yes I posted a ton of photos in an old thread from last week or so. I have seen the pink one in pictures. It looks sooo cute!!!
  7. Congrats on a great bag!!!
  8. Congrats, it is a great bag!
  9. i'm glad you decided on that! i remember your pics from the other post, looks gorgeous on you!
  10. Hurray! I lov e it sooo much that I have Black with silver hardware and Beige with gh... the Pink is calling my name! Enjoy your Medallion!
  11. StarBrite, thanks for sharing the info. I have never considered Medallion cause I've always heard how it's hard to get things in/out of the bag... Great to know that you have a positive experience with yours... Enjoy your new bag!
  12. Congrats on your new bag!

    Post modeling pics!
  13. I have it in white and love it as well!!! Congrats, it looked beautiful on you!

  14. get the pink one~~~~ it is sooooo very cute!!!!:graucho::heart:;)
  15. yay!! i want one too but I am DONE for now.