I am lusting over the Denim Pleaty - any opinions?

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  1. Anyone have this bag? Do you love it? Carry it a lot or does it not go with most outfits? It fits over the shoulder, right?

    I am soooo loving this bag right now! :love:

  2. Very cute bag, but its a handbag not a shoulder bag.

    I have thought about this bag and the baggy pm, like you i like the idea of a shoulder bag..( since i already have the speedy (denim)

  3. I think it's cute but too small, IMO.
  4. The Baggy can be a shoulder bag, but I like the look of the Pleaty much better. :smile: I'm a fan of dainty handbags that are carried on the crook of the elbow.
  5. It's so cute, and I think it's roomy even it look small :smile: I dont like the Baggy either....
  6. it is CUTE.
  7. It's so cute.. but it is a handheld, I think I prefer the baggy PM over it.
  8. I think this bag is supercute! :love:
  9. The pleaty is a very cute bag! I personally like the baggy pm (have one myself:love: ) and bought the long strap to wear it two ways.
  10. I am not a fan of the Denim line, but I love the Pleaty! It's darling. Like clanalois, I am also a lover of dainty handbags. I think the Pleaty would go with most casual outfits.
  11. This is the denim bag I want to get too! I don't think it can really be used as a shoulder bag as it is quite small. I wish it was a little bigger because it is really the only style I like in the denim line.
  12. Definately a cute bag. I love handheld bags especially in the summer.
  13. Love It
  14. The pleaty is my favorite stylke in the denim line, very cute =)
  15. What about the mini pleaty? It's a shoulder bag and is very cute.