I am loving this Leah Legacy wristlet...

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  1. I got this at the outlet over the weekend and I LOVE it. I can't believe how much it can fit, I can get my blackberry curve and madison french wallet in it. And I love, love, love the legacy stripe! :love:

    PLEASE excuse DH's desk in the background...he needs to clean it off. :Push:

    Here is the wallet and satin mini skinny in it and I'm using the BB to take the pic...


    Here she is...

  2. I have that same Wristlet and I love her toooo...
  3. Wow! You can fit a ton in there! Holy smokes!
  4. I like that wristlet; I am really into the legacy stripes right now. I think it would be nice to have this piece with the vachetta trim; to see what I think of how it ages/patinas, rather than getting it on a bag and possibly not liking it. Last time I was at the outlet, they were $79. How much are they now?
  5. It's very cute. I love the Legacy stripes!
  6. Yes it's very cute, and has lots of color!!
  7. I love legacy stripes :love:
  8. She was $79 but there was another 20%...according to my receipt she was $63.20 in the end, thats not too bad and I am loving the legacy stripe and wanting more. lol.:P
  9. ^^Thanks! You got a great price! ITA, I love the legacy stripe and want more!!!
  10. Very Cute! I love the legacy strip fabric and can't believe how much she holds. If my DH cleaned his desk I would faint!
  11. I have this wristlet in the black sateen and I love it also.
  12. Beautiful!