I am loving these...

  1. sunglasses!


    I think they would make great summer shades! I love the little crystal c's!
  2. Me Too! The Crystal Is My Fav.
  3. Me three. I love the crystals also.
  4. Those are really cute. I have yet to get a pair of Coach sunglasses, I have broken too many of the cheaper ones. But maybe someday!
  5. CUTEEEE!!!!!!! Any pics of them on a person???
  6. I love them too. I want them in black.
  7. OMG!! Are those NEW from Coach??? SO CUTE/PRETTY/CLASSY!!!!!! How much $$$ ???

  8. YIKES!:nuts: Yep, distance drooling is what I'll be doing, too. I don't think I'd EVER pay that much for a pair of sunglasses...not until my DD is grown anyway...she likes to try my accessories on!! :rolleyes:
  9. Nice, I like the crystal ones too. :smile:
  10. I love the white ones with the different colored ccs. Too cute!
  11. they are cute, but they didnt look right on my face for some reason. but they are SUPER pretty!!!!
  12. I've gone to 2 different boutiques in my area in last two days and they didn't have them in.

    SpoiledRotten22 & Purse-O-Nality...they're one of the most expensive Coach sunglasses I've seen fifty or so more dollars more and I could get a pair of Chanel's...

    But they're TDF!!!
  13. That is what I thought when the daisy's came out last year. But being a coach addict, I had to have them. Just like these. I must have them.
  14. They're really nice! But not cheap! Thankfully I'm not addicted to the coach sunglasses.....YET!!!