I am loving the Cotton BARRETT SNEAKERS!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I made an earlier post stating that I was disappointed with the new Cotton Carly line, but really did love the print. I love the print so much that I wanted to get almost ANYTHING in each color or any color for that matter...

    So, here we go! I want one of them, just don't know which color yet...

    I'm thinking the chocolate c's are more what I'd wear, but then again the denim pair is FUN!

    Dunno what to do...they are retailed at $88! :yahoo:

    They're cheaper than a wristlet (the macy's version is $98, boutique is $128)!

    And I'll likely put more miles on the pair of sneakers (no pun intended he he).:p

  2. those are adorable - I have the scribble and they're really comfortable and wearable with lots of stuff. I kinda want another pair with the chocolate or denim. I just can't picture with what outfit they would go with!
  3. Gosh everything I wear is brownish...haha so my whole wardrobe would work out with those chocolate ones.

    And I like the denim, it's close to the same shade as some of my jeans...so I could make that work.
  4. I'm so getting a pair.
  5. I like the chocolate C's. It looks different and stands out :smile:
  6. Do they get dirty very easily??? I'd LOVE to get a pair but am afraid they'd be dirty the first time I wore them!!
  7. Those are cute, I would get the chocolate.
  8. I would love to see these on someone. I just don't know how they would look. I'm picky about my shoes.
  9. The scribble looks luscious!
  10. the denim ones are screaming for me to come get them:graucho:

  11. They must be pretty loud because they're calling my name too!!
  12. Has anybody seen them in Macy's??? Thinking maybe I could get it for my F&F purchase! Can't go to the mall til tomorrow :crybaby:
  13. I love the denim pair. I saw these in US weekly!
  14. the chocolate is nice.
  15. Off 5th outlets are carrying last year's sneaker - the Daria - in the choco/cotton print. Also beige and yellow.
    They're at $55 now and can use coupons for 25 to 30% off additional.