I am loving my new bag!!

  1. Thanks to this forum I found the begeren moorea tote. I was a little concerned as I was not able to read up too much on it before I bought it. What I had read was very good and since it was in pink and on sale for $145 how could a girl pass it up.

    The bag came today and I am very impressed with it. The ballet color is not as pink as it has looked in photo's it really does remind me of the true color of ballet slippers. The leather is extremely lightweight and very, very soft. The bag is also made very well and I love the cute lining. It has three pockets on the inside as well as a zippered pocket and a key thing on the inside. The zippers on the outside pockets make it easy to get into the bag as well. Anyway I took some pics of it to share with all of you.





    The Inside:




    I am now very sure I will be ordering the fuchsia!! I can see why some of you ordered more than one!!
  2. Ooooohhhh...looks so squishy! :love:
  3. yummy!!! enjoy!
  4. OMG!!! That bag is beautiful!!! I love the color!!!
  5. Congratulations! You have a beautiful bag!
  6. so cute, pink is my favorite color
  7. Such a cute bag!! My fav color is pink too!! Congrats :yes:
  8. Yay! We have a fan club! I've acquired the Moorea in Marine Blue, Shamrock, Ballet Pink, Citrus and today the Nude came. I got them all on sale too! I kind of wish that the Moorea came in Begerens "orchid" rather than the "fuchsia" but they're beautiful nonetheless. I know that Delcina.com had them on sale this week but if someone wants to grab the last few, they're the only ones online that even have them still available! :nuts:
  9. that lining is so cute!
  10. i've never seen this bag before--thanks for sharing! wear it in the best of health
  11. Congrats! The pink is very pretty!
  12. so cute!:love: congratulations!
  13. So cute!!! Congrats. =)
  14. i have the Shamrock and i love it. but WOW, the ballet pink looks REALLY REALLY GREAT!! it's so pretty~

    congrats! enjoy your bag. ;)
  15. that's beautiful! I've never heard of that designer before but I really like it.