I am LOVING my HH Ana in Chocolate...

  1. Just wanted to say. I love this bag, stuff it with loads of stuff, and the color, shape, and the fact that it ZIPS make it so amazing as a fall bag for me. It is gorgeous!

    I bought a Havana Hobo in Chalk, which I like, a Salina in Amethyst, which is too small, and I can't get into the drawstrings, but this bag (the Ana) is just AWESOME! It's crazy how a bag can make you feel so nice!

    I feel terrible hearing the stories about the messes people have had with HH lately - I bought all 3 bags at the Big Bang sale and was so happy with the prices and quality...but I really feel above and beyond about the Ana!
  2. Yup....love mine as well....it is an awesome bag!
  3. Glad you love your Ana! I had it but it didn't work for me.
  4. Yay! Glad you love it! I love my Ana as well, it's a really cool bag. I haven't had any issues with the opening or not being able to fit my necessities. Sorry you don't love your Salina, I have been using mine and don't have a problem with the drawstring (I was worried about it), but everyone has their own preferences.
  5. Glad to hear your Ana is making you happy. I love HH's chocolate color.
  6. Despite my blush Havana fiasco, I must say that I like my Ana too. I bought one in olive and one in chalk tweed. The quality seems MUCH better than the Havana. This one seems like it will actually hold up (fingers crossed).

    Is anyone else surprised by how small the Ana is in person? I feel like I must be a giant compared to the HH model. The bag looked HUGE on her!
  7. I just got a Hype satchel in chocolate and I am loving the color too! Great for fall.

    congrats and enjoy!!
  8. Ana props from me too! I love both of my Anas...the chocolate and the saddle. For some reason, it just is a perfect bag for me. Everything is in the right place and it magically fits evrything I need to throw in it.