I am LOVIN' the new HOBO

  1. I am LOVIN' the new HOBO style!!! Seriously.....I am becoming slightly obsessive and I am FIGHTING the urge to buy one with the Giant hardware. The only thing that is kinda stopping me is that I feel disloyal to the Brief style which WAS(i mean IS) my favorite. Oh and the fact that I am pretty broke too.
    My urge for the Giant Hobo is so strong I am rationalizing it with- "what? I have credit cards!":rolleyes:

    Also, I am really wanting to see the different colors with the SILVER HARDWARE on the new HOBO!!!
  2. As a Bbag newbie, the Hobo Giant GH in Aqua was my very first purchase and I am totally in :heart: with it! It wears so well and the color is beautiful!! I purchased my hobo back in May 2007 and since then, I've purchased two more Bbags - the City in Giant GH Anthracite and the Work RH in Anthracite. :tup:

    I need to ban myself from anymore purchases...

  3. post some pictures!!!!
  4. I love the GH Hobo too. Some people aren't as fond of it, but it's so light-weight and and feminine IMO
  5. I love the Giant Hobo. It's light even with the Gh and it's very comfortable. A great style!
  6. I love the Giant Hobo! I had a VG Giant Hobo, but ended up selling it because the colour just wasn't right for me, but the style I loved.

    Trying to decide just now which colour to get in a GH hobo from the f/w 07 collection:confused1:

    ITA with Powderpuff it is so light even with the gh and so comfortable.:tup:
  7. I love this style, i have one in sandstone and it's one of my favorites!!!
  8. I love this too! I am amazed. I was never for a hobo generally. I have plomb GSH!
  9. I think this may be my next purchase (and my first GH Bbag). I'm trying to decide between black and ocean with silver hardware.
  10. yes, I too have been enchanted by the hobo - but I haven't taken the plunge yet. Silver hardware really interests me - I haven't seen one with it yet. I just can't decide whether I can pull off GH?