i am looking for THIS bag for my sister for christmas

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  1. [​IMG]

    in black patent.

    they have it at our barneys co-op, but i'm wondering if any of you ladies have the lowdown on a coupon code/site that may have it on sale since it isn't a new bag. i thought shopbop had it, but not anymore i guess.

    thanks a zillion!
  2. thanks, guys.

    is this bag only available in espresso?

    i am just about positive it was in black at barney's co-op, but now online i can only find it in espresso.
  3. I saw the one in black in Saks. (30%off) I never saw the esperesso color..only black and blonded..Good luck then

    I got both of black in difference style. :yahoo:

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  4. ^^^
    which saks/did they have anymore?

    if you can give me the style number, so i can have an SA look it up, i'd really appreciate it. TIA!
  5. Oh, I saw them on Saks at Boston,,Sorry that i dont know the style number..maybe u can just tell them you are looking for bag "runway patent utility" the orginial price is $430..oh..black color =espresso color..i just relaize it..sorry haha:roflmfao:

  6. no, the original price on this one wasn't over $430. i forget what it was, but $380 or somewhere in there. there's a larger version as well (i'm looking for the one in the very first post in this thread), and perhaps that one retailed for $430.

    they were all considered runway patent utility, so that doesn't say much.
  7. oh...i got confused..the one you want is $388...I will keep watch it for you..
  8. i like the big tote
  9. ^^^
    thanks a zillion!

    i am looking for the black patent, but now that i have the neiman's style number, i'm going to try having someone look for it in their system (perhaps the bp is on sale, just not available online?).

    thanks so much, girls! i need the bp specifically because i've already gotten her the tory burch black-on-black patent revas, so i want them to match.

    thanks again!
  10. did your saks HAVE this bag (the satchel) when you bought the other two pieces?

    my saks never had the utility stuff.
  11. When I went to Saks,(one weeks ago) I saw the one you wanted. And it was on sale..maybe 30% off. But I am not sure if they still carry it now,,it located at Boston. Maybe u can give them a call and ask them to ship it to you..It will works..Good luck..:tup:
  12. thanks a zillion! i am definitely calling!

    do you have a SA that you regularly work with?