I am looking for the second Bbags. Can't decided btw Work or Parttime.

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  1. I currently has a city already but I think it's a bit small to put all my stuff when I go to work. I don't carry laptop around but I do have 3 separate little bags inside my purse. Also, I would like to have a purse that I can put on my shoulder too.
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    i think u need a part time.:yes:
  3. part time
  4. if you want to wear it over your shoulder the PT has the shoulder strap. It holds quite a bit too.
  5. Part Time
  6. Wow parttime is popular. Is parttime a lot bigger than city?
    First I was thinking Work, but I am afraid it might be too big.

    I don't like the strap cus otherwise I can put city on my shoulder too.
    I read from Balenciaga site it seems like Parttime has longer handle than the Work. Am I correct?
  7. i am able to fit my work over my shoulder just fine
  8. I vote for work. I can still fit it over my shoulder :smile: the pt is too rectangular for me
  9. Part time. I think its a good size and fits comfy on the shoulder and you also have a strap if you like to carry it that way.
  10. I would give the part time a try - you can carry it in different ways as it has the shoulder strap :smile:
  11. If you get GH, both the PT and Work will fit over your shoulder.

    Although it's primarily E/W, my PTs look very similar to the Work when carried by handles over the shoulder. Depending on the bulk of items you carry, the bottom will drop a few inches and the body will look more square. Then, when you carry by the shoulder strap, it's definitely an E/W bag.

    I love the PT because it's like two bags in one!!!
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