i am looking for the medium hobo....

  1. does anyone know where i still can get the medium hobo?
    i called several Saks, and they are out of it.
  2. oh, i should mention... preferably on sale :smile:
  3. are you looking for the leather one???
  4. hmm.. there is a lot of medium hobo styles.. (thanks to gucci not giving each style a more specific name hehe) are you talking of the horsebit "jessica simpson" hobo, the bouvier "jackie o." hobo, the pelham (im not sure but i think it is a hobo too, or any medium hobo? so that more members can help you, it is best to post a pic. :smile:
  5. well, Saks website just says medium hobo. the style that i want, to be specifis, i think is called bouvier, in smooth leather (not guccissima).
    anybody found it, let me know
  6. I think all shipments have been sent to the outlets...so your best bets is to look there!!!....you just missed it in store...they just sent it to the outlets a week ago!
  7. ^^ yep, or if you're lucky someone may have seen one still hanging out in Saks or neiman's. :smile: