I am looking for small black with new chain

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  1. Hi there,
    I can't stop thinking about this little black purse that hangs just under your arm. It has this new chain to it. Kinda like a wristlet size bag... but this one has a shoulder strap that is metal with a new style chain. Does anyone know what it is called & where I can get it? I need it bad. I am replacing the big one I have for sale on eBay.
  2. I am hoping someone can help me out here. Do you know of the bag I am describing? It's a flat bag, fits just under your arm, new type of chain & no learther in in the chain. Soft calf skin leather. It may have the CC logo embossed on the outside. It retails for around $1100. Anyone know the style name?
  3. hmmm....is it a small chain? Sounds like the soft & chain pochette, but I'm not sure. Here is a pic....courtesy of of allbrandspls from ref. library. I think retail is $950.
  4. Oh my gosh! Thant's the one............. I have to know what the style name is & where I can get it!!!!!!! Perfect. Thank you soooo much for that! You were right on the money!
  5. Were you looking for that one too? That is the one I want & am looking to buy it as well.
  6. It is from the soft & chain line. I guess it's called a pochette. I have one and got mine from NM. It comes in white and black. The # is A34576Y02419.
    Good luck!:smile:
  7. Oh, and the price is $950.
  8. any idea how long is the chain?
  9. I bought this bag at NM at SH in New Jersey about 6 weeks ago. The chain is 16 inches long. It can be worn over the shoulder or it detaches and can be reconnected so the bag can be used like a wristlet. I have the white and it is a perfect summer bag.
  10. Really cute:heart:
  11. SUPER cute!
  12. I checked NM & no luck. Can anyone else help me? I want it in Black. I will buy gently used too
  13. Ladies, I am still looking for this bag in black. Can anyone help me out?? I will buy it new or gently used. Maybe there is someone out there that has it & doesn't want it now. Let me know. Thanks!

    Soft & chain pochette Black