I am looking for MbyMJ Black Teri tote!

  1. I am not usually into MbyMJ bags(but I love MbyMJ clothing line!), but suddenly I love love Teri tote. It looks perfect to carry some books and stuff for everyday.

    I was searching for all online sale list from Saks, NM, elux, Net-a-porter, Bloomings, and Nordstrom, and it seems black is all sold out....... :crybaby:

    Have you guys seen this bag on sale from any store?
    Is this bag the one hard to find? Or can I find it on sale from store?
    hum..... :sad:

    Sorry about many questions but please give me some advice-. TIA! :heart:

    And for someone who is interested in this bag, Bergdorf has red one, and Net-a-porter has beige now. :smile:

  2. I would call an actual BG store and ask them to search store-wide, since their sale just started.

    For stores that have both on-line and department stores, there seems to be two different inventory systems, and you can often find items through SAs that are no longer on-line and visa versa.

    Also Barneys is starting their sale. The Teri style has been out more than a year, so finding one shouldn't be too difficult. It's a great bag that I own in the Carbon Blue.
  3. Black isn't a hard to find color. They also pop-up on eBay every now and then!

    On a completely different topic, which color of the Teri is considered to be the rarest - firebird or carbon blue? I've been looking for either color for the LONGEST TIME - how much do you think someone would sell them for?
  4. IMO, firebird and carbon blue are equally hard to find and rare. I love both colors!
  5. i swear this bag was at Bloomies/Beverly Center when i was there on Saturday. You should give them a ring.
  6. Ebay Have One Now For Grabs...its Black Too..
  7. Thank you so much guys!! I love you all :heart::love:
  8. This bag is also available at zappos.com.