i am looking for an ORANGE bag!!! has anybody seen any??

  1. hi everyone!!
    i have been into orange lately and i was wondering
    if you girls have seen any orange bags by chanel??
    i really really really want one! esp. in the flap. i've seen one
    before but at that time i had another bag to buy and now i totally regret it!
    any help would be appreciated!:heart:
  2. I'm not positive, but did the perforated line carry an orange flap? Anyone know for sure?
  3. There is a perforated red orange medium size out there. I called Saks Fifth and they still have it. It's more on the Orange side.
  4. There is an orange fabric coco croc coming out; however the price is around $2800 plus. A lot for a fabric bag but the colors did look eye popping.
  5. Loveone7 - would you possibly know whick Saks carry one?? or i should call
  6. oops!!!
    Loveone7 - would you possibly know whick Saks carry one?? or i should call
    the main line? i live in Canada so its quite hard to find the bag i
    am dreaming of!! hehe
    Jmen that sounds YUMMYY!!! do you have any pictures? but the price
    is really high for a fabric flap but does sound very nice!
    the one that i've seen was very reddish-orange? and they had in in caviar would anyone possibly know what colour that is? and anyone that might still have it?
    Thank you girls i love TPF!! :heart:
  7. I saw the perforated one at Saks NYC. Try calling.
  8. I saw the perforated today at Saks. Try Delyse (my SA - so sweet). Her number is 248-808-0712. Please tell her April referred you.
    Good luck!
  9. I have an orange patent Chanel mini classic...

    I bet they have other sizes out there.

  10. Luccibag, I :heart::heart::heart: that orange... that's a very very fab orange!!!! Do you know if it only comes in patent?
  11. I saw a melon colored EW flap at the Chanel at the Bellagio, Las Vegas. This was a while ago and it was more of a pastel than a bright orange.
  12. I immedietely thought of the orangy red perforated flap. Nordstrom Topanga has one still!!!
  13. Luccibag - i ABSOLUTELY!! love that orange!! your soo lucky! i'm so jealous of you now! beautiful bag in deed!!
    jayjay77 - that melon colour sounds sooo yummy i am soo interested in it! do you know what the colour is called? melon i'm guessing?? how long ago was it i think i'm gonna call around for that one ( wish me luck though! )
    starbrite310 - i am definitely gonna call tomorrow!! i want an orange one soo soo bag!!

    i swear whenever you want your dream bag it becomes a hunting mission! seriously! and nobody seems to where the "it" bag is. and i'm pretty sure it is floating around somewhere Sa's can never really find it ( well yeah they can somewhat ) so this is why i love tpf and tpfers!! you guys are the best!
    i'll give an update once i give a call around tomorrow! :heart:
  14. Beautilicious - thank you for the link! love the colour on that bag!! i'm gonna call around tomorrow first and see how my bag hunting goes and thank you for a great link! :heart: