i am looking for a-

  1. black bag of this style for everyday use


    (preferably not lv or gucci as these are a bit obvious)

    with no gold zips/buttons(i hate gold)

    your help would be much appreciated ladies
  2. dont see a pict..
  3. I thought you were getting ready to buy some[as you spell it] Loueys]? $8,000 or so. Why if you feel they are "obvious", would you want any?:shrugs:
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol:
  5. no i do not feel that lv bags are obvious

    i feel that lv or gucci bags in the style of this bag i am looking(although i cant get the picture to show) for is too frequently seen, thus making it 'obvious'

  6. [​IMG]

    i meant a bag of this style

    i was thinking maybe mui mui or fendi

  7. ^^^ that's a fake bag.
  8. it doesnt matter, its just a google image

    it was just an example of the shape i wanted
  9. But dont all mono LV bags have the gold hardware? So why were you prev going to purchase an LV?

    I think I am pretty confused at this point....
  10. yes they do but i dont want the combination of gold and black

    and i dont want a lv bag in this case

    i just want a fendi/mj bag in this shape
  11. Princess_Prada,

    Prada classic black nylon bags are pretty discreet. They would most likely have the shape & style that you like. I know you're looking for a bag in black...some bags in the link are brown but I'm sure these bags comes in black too. Check out the links below.

    Prada handbags and purses
    Prada handbags and purses
    Burberry handbags

    I'm not sure if Miu Miu will have the style or shape you like especially if your planning to check out the Fall-Winter handbags as gold hardware is very in season...so is Fendi. Goodluck! Hope you find the perfect bag for you.

  12. thank u so much hunny, i love the top 1