I am looking for a Peacock Stella or Venetia...

  1. Does anyone have any fantastic ideas? So far, I have emailed the contact person for MJ and asked what to do. I have also contacted someone at the Las Vegas MJ, and he is going to have someone do a warehouse search or something (he said not to hold my breath, :smile: ). I am watching eBay daily, and found out that I missed out on one a few weeks ago...isn't that just the way? I don't know that it is worth calling around to various last call/rack stores, as from what I've seen, the Blake and Sophia are few and far between at these places. Can you guys think of anything I missed? Thanks!
  2. that's going to be a tough one! I think at this point, there aren't any Stellas or Venetias available at the outlet stores... eBay and MJ boutiques are your best bet, but you're already a step ahead of me!
  3. Tami, you might have to call all the MJ boutiques and speak to a SA who's willing to really search their store for you. I have found items that don't show up in their system (listed as completely sold-out in their inventory). Good luck.

    If I hear of any, I will PM you.

  4. Hi Tami...

    All I've seen in Peacock are a Sophia (they want $550.00!):

    eBay: GORGEOUS MARC JACOBS BAG (item 220067101019 end time Jan-07-07 04:47:35 PST)

    and a satchel:

    eBay: FABULOUS!!!! MARC JACOBS TEAL SATCHEL, PURSE , BAG (item 290067714167 end time Jan-08-07 19:46:33 PST)

    I myself missed out on a replacement Sap Stella on New Year's Morning (overslept), and am sickened by the final bid of $222.50...:cry: Read 'er and weep...sniff

    eBay: Beautiful Authentic SAP GREEN Marc Jacobs Stella Bag!!! (item 190066217812 end time Jan-01-07 06:18:28 PST)

    Really hope you find a Peacock MJ soon...
  5. $225? Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I will keep my eyes peeled for you.

    Helena, do you know if one store is busier than another? I was wondering if it would be worth calling the least busy store? Is there such a thing? I did not speak to Matthew when I called LV. Matthew had done a computer search for me at one point before. Now, I hesitate to call back. I don't want to get that same guy. Is there an SA that you really like?
  6. Tami - I work with SAs from different stores. I usually e-mail or call him/her up with my request/question, they get back to me when they aren't busy; I will send you their contact info.

    Stores still have Quilted Stella from Fall 05. Some stores might have Soft Calf New Stella in the back, I recently found Dark Indigo and Muted Pink.
  7. Thanks, Helena!
  8. Hey there - do you have the emails for the SA's you use and trust?
    I have a few items I'd like to know if they are available - thanks!!