I am looking for a large clear tote, need help

  1. I am looking for a large clear tote, but as 'hot' as this trend is suppose to be and I can't find anything I like :confused1:

    Any suggestions?
  2. Chanel clear tote called the Naked Tote will be coming into the Chanel boutiques and in Neimans and Saks soon.....mid to late march, earlier in the boutiques. $950 or 995...."cheap" for Chanel LOL
    i have seen them and they're gorgeous. They come with gold or silver hardware, the double chain shoulder strap, and the metallic CC on the front
  3. I was gonna say the same thing. The naked bag. Other than that I havent seen any clear bag that does not look too plastic-y.
  4. great link, Ecmd7. i liked the betsy johnson & that uniquely shaped one from Be & D.
  5. As have already been previously stated, Chanel has one which somehow just tickles my fancy.

    I can't believe that clear heels are now in. I can remember Chris Rock making a joke about women in clear heels and describing them as "ho heels." His joke was along the lines of something about designers getting together and saying "what's the nastiest/skankiest trend we can think of?"

    Not to offend anyone into the clear heels. I myself am strangely drawn to them....However, the clear bags are not my thing. I relate them to working in an environment where they check bags when you're leaving work. I don't like anybody seeing what I carry in my purse. too much junk!
  6. pejcharat, LOL about the clear heels! oh man, i am cracking up here. strangely enough, i do like those turquoise manolos (found in the link provided by ecmd7).

    i think the chanel looks the best, but pricey considering the material!!!
  7. try hermes clear tote or the brand new furla
  8. I found this recently on the kate spade web site, I really liked it my self.
    kate spade
  9. Coach is coming out with one in April. It's got orange leather trim. There is a feature of clear bags/totes in the latest Elle (US) with Rachel McAdams on the cover.
  10. hahahaa, I always think the same thing about clear heels when I see them because of him!! I saw a 10 year old wearing them last night and was slightly disturbed.

    I love the betsey johnson one, and the coach one too because it's got a burst of color :biggrin:
  11. ^^^Glad I'm not the only one who was watching. I love Chris Rock, I can only imagine what he's thinking about this clear trend in fashion mags.
    yeah, I'd do a double take if I saw a child with them on.

    More on topic, purse-onality, did you end up finding a clear bag?
  12. I was wondering about that bag. They have it in the catalog full of fragrance bottles, but there is no writeup on it. Now I know why.