I am LIVID - rec'd illegal fake

  1. I rec'd fake Tiffany jewellery last night and though the seller says they have a money back guarantee, I don't want to send the items back to them unless PayPal or my CC makes me as they will just turn around and sell it to someone else and I'm going to be out the cost of shipping. (Seller's mailing info was not on package nor available through eBay so I don't even know where to send it anyway).

    If the seller offers refunds will PP say I have to go that route and return the item?
  2. They are going to sell their junk to others anyway. Why lose your money? Report them to eBay both with the links and Ebay live. Report to Ebay fraud. Do your best to get them kicked off. Thats the only way to get them gone. File with Paypal, too. Get all the big guns involved. Leave negative feedback. Counterfeit sales are too big and we'll never get them all..just one thief at a time.
  3. The seller did not include a return address on the package (which is so incredibly stupid as what if refused delivery or it got lost) and when I contacted ebay for their contact info, no address was provided. Therefore, I have no way to send the items back to the seller.

    I have filed a claim with PP but they say the onus is on me to prove the items are fakes. My CC company tells me the onus would be on the seller to prove the items are real. So, I am going to wait and hope that 10 days go by without any response from the seller as then PP will automatically refund my money and if that doesn't happen I will go with filing a chargeback with the CC since the seller will have to prove authenticity.
  4. When you write to Ebays trust and Safety be sure to tell them they have no address or contact info on her. I didn't know you could register with Ebay and not give that info.
  5. I wrote to Trust and Safety earlier today. I gave them all the information I have and advised I have several pictures detailing all that is incorrect about the fakes.
  6. From the PP user agreement on buyer protection:

    Does that mean that if I used a CC as a funding source I am not eligible???
  7. As long as you used your credit card through paypal you should be covered. I think all this means is that Paypal buyer protection won't cover eBay transactions that are paid for by other means (ie money order).
  8. I received a fake Tiffany bracelet recently...was the seller from Canada?
  9. Just a reminder to leave these sellers neg feedback to warn others!
  10. No, from the UK.
  11. I just spoke to the Vancouver Tiffany store and she said I could send her pictures of the items and she would have her manager review them and give his opinion. I may end up sending them the pieces as well so they can see them first hand as it is hard to see all the fine details in pictures.
  12. Something really strange is happening with this seller's feedback. A moment ago it said 40, then changed to 41, then to 36 and now back to 41. This has all been within the last 3 minutes.

    ETA- now a minute later back down to 36.

  13. My seller has not yet responded to the pp claim and it has been 7 days and I am really hopeful that they will not respond before Saturday. However, I am thinking it is most likely going to end up with them not having any funds in their pp account for me to get my money back.