I am livid! Ebay Phone Rep Hung up on me!

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Sorry just had to rant about the crappy customer service eBay provides.

    I called into customer service and the representative that took the call had an attitude from the beginning. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he refused my request several times. I eventually inquired about filing a complaint against this individual who then told me he did not know how to do that and he would not connect me to someone who knew the procedure. I felt like I had absolutely no way to resolve the call, no options.

    Then he just put me on hold ( I only figured this out when no one was answering on the other side of the phone :cursing:) and when he came back to the phone told me he was going to end the call and hung up on me!

    I hate dealing with call center reps only because many I have dealt with feel they can hide behind the anonymity of the phone in dealing with the customer and can do whatever they want.

    If I did not have to sell my bags on ebay I would just close my account for good at this point. I am so done with eBay and their blanket policies / selling restrictions. I would switch to Bonanzle completely, but don't seem to get any inquiries at all, maybe they are too new at this point? I mean let's be honest, who has a higher likelyhood of selling counterfeit goods, a seller who has a LONG history with eBay and sells here and there with 100% feedback and NO complaints or a volume reseller, selling hundreds of designer goods a month / year?!

    Thanks for listening.
  2. may i please have this number. I think we have same problems with ebay. Thank you.
  3. That is so unprofessional and rude!!
  4. Here's the phone number to Evilbay customer support (800-701-3229) Gosia.

    I don't know how much good it will do though as they will just tell you they cannot do anything about listing restrictions for you at customer service and keep referring you back to the Trust and Safety group (you know the ones that send out the 'canned' responses time and time again :tdown: and no one can actually have two-way communication or contact with)

    Evilbay really has a good system in place of keeping customers / members away from departments that truly affect their accounts. I've never heard of a customer service dept that can't actually provide customer service :shrugs:?

    It's the most frustrating experience in the world.
  5. #5 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Not that the volume resellers of designer goods that make up Evilbay's bottom line aren't still running rampant on the site. The selling restrictions have been really effective :confused1:...NOT!
  6. I wonder if service reps are purposely chosen to be rude and unknown to the english language. everytime i call one i pray for an english speaking rep!
  7. Hi. I've had the same thing happen to me but with ppal. Because of their attitude, now when I have to call I always ask for their name and badge number before I start a conversation with them. They are always nice in the beginning. Hope this helps for future reference.
  8. And no one i've spoken to at eBay can provide a copy of the "policies" regarding the selling restrictions unlike most companies that have written policies on every rule, contract item, term, etc that affects a customer's account.

    They can't even verbalize to you what the selling restriction policies are or how and why they are applied to your account. Why? How then do you know if the policies are being applied fairly? -- You Don't.

    One rep suggested getting a lot positive feedback on designer goods, ummm... but hello, how can you get more positive feedback if the selling restrictions make it impossible to list an item, or relist one that doesn't sell, much less actually getting to the point of large amounts of additional positive feedback?

    But who can get volume and volume of positive feedback for designer goods -- RESELLERS. So the system really works against good honest members who don't necessary make a living of eBay, but still participate and add to the marketplace none the less.
  9. Great tip Bags4Me2! Were you able to resolve your issue? Is it just me or does it feel like hitting a brick wall anytime you communicate w/ eBay?
  10. i'm with you 150%. After several emails i'm receiving the same answer.doesn't make any sense . I think somebody reported my bags as fakes because my price was lower.
  11. LOL! I know what you mean. I have spoken to reps in Bangalore and Manila personally. Customer service of all things isn't the best dept to outsource because Americans have a certain standard of customer service that may not be understood or applicable in other parts of the world. just from the limited places I've been to, the US seems to have the strongest focus on customer satisfaction (customer being right, etc) and that's not always provided by outsourced call centers.

    But just FYI, the unprofessional EvilBay rep i had the awful experience with was from a US call center.
  12. Somehow I don't think we're getting the entire story here. Is there a chance you were upset when you called? You mentioned you asked for a supervisor several times. You also said he put you on hold, often they do that if they are asking someone, like a supervisor what action they should take with a caller, and having worked in the industry before if the caller is being verbally offensive in any way (yelling, swearing, threatening) they are told to end the call right then and there.

    Its very possible you got a bad rep. If that's the case then call the customer service center and first thing ask for a supervisor or manager and you'd like to file a complaint. Then you tell the manager the day and time of the call so they can trace it. All calls are recorded so they can go back and listen to see what exactly went on and be able to take appropriate actions.
  13. Always take their name first before asking for what you need, it's such a good motto. That way you can complain, or if you have to follow something up you can say 'I spoke to...Sarah'. This is especially good if they won't give you what you want!:yes:
  14. Phone support is totally worthless. They have no authority to do anything of value for sellers or buyers. Total waste of time and money.