I am LIVID at a ebay seller!

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  1. About a month ago I was up late looking at newly listed Coach items and a pill box came up with a BIN of .99 cents. Well of course I'm thinking this person has listed wrong but then again maybe not as you never know. Anyway I do a buy it now and pay immediantely.

    Well the next morning I wake up to a refund in my account and nothing else. It miffed me a little that the seller didn't even email me or put in the description of the refund something along the lines of I'm sorry I listed this wrong. Well I was leaving feedback and left a neutral for this person stating........refunded with no explanation.

    Well I wake up this morning and she/he has left me a NEGATIVE saying it is not my problem you don't read your email. Oh my goodness I'm LIVID!!!! First of all isn't buying and selling on eBay a contract? I'm an understanding person but a NEGATIVE when I bought the item and paid immediantely and then only left a neutral!

    I have contacted eBay, however I don't know if they can remove the feedback. I have an almost perfect score and thie infuriates me! I emailed this person and told them I had contacted eBay and will contact the fair trade committee if I have to. She accused ME of being the bad person!!!! I asked her to withdraw the feedback because it was retalitory and unfair. So we shall see. I mean what did she want, a positive feedback for not following through on a transaction?? I am so mad that this has happened over a stupid .99 cent listing!!!!
  2. Some nerve! Seller should withdraw feedback. Please keep us posted.
  3. That was pretty bad of the seller to do! She said she emailed you? did it maybe go in your junk mail?
  4. Well, it seems she made a mistake and probably would not have left the email if you hadn't left yours first. A buy-it-now for 99 cents seems like an error--not a legitimate price. It IS a contract, but would you really have wanted to hold her to it? Maybe it's good to have a cooldown before leaving feedback. You can probably do a mutual withdrawal of feedback if the seller is amenable. I would contact her to see if she would agree.
  5. Yes I do think she made the mistake but I never received an email from her. I waited a few days before leaving feedback hoping she would email me. I did think it was a mistake but they only sell for around $20 and her shipping was about $10 so I thought maybe it was legit to clear things out. I didn't leave her negative feedback, I left neutral......I didn't feel it was a positive transaction so I didn't leave positive. Then she leaves negative. It just doesn't make sense. I emailed her asking for the withdrawel and I was very nice about it even though I told her I was mad because I did nothing to deserve negative feedback.

    I just got a email from her saying she will withdraw it tomorrow, so we shall see.

    It's just so surprising how people are today.....common curtesy seems dead. But I am not taking a negative feedback for doing nothing wrong.
  6. That happened to me with a Coach purse, too. I'll tell you what. Don't mess with me!! She left me a negative after I left her a well deserved one and she had the guts to file and want her fees back from ebay. I did NOT agree to that. I then reported her to every online fraud unit and all the way to the IRS. It is by LAW a binding contract and mistake or no, she would expect her buyers to pay if they bid just as a buyer I expect to get what I paid for. Another seller screwed up once and stood behind her 99 cents on a wristlet. Its a lesson learned and I'll bet she never did it again. This first seller was a bit** and I refused to let her get away with it. And her shipping always was too high and I reported her constantly for excessive shipping/fee circumvention as well as stealing pics and I got her suspended twice. Ebay let her get away with breaking the contract but they got her on the others.
    As your seller did to you, if she had been polite the story would be completely different.
  7. If she doesn't respond to your request, I would file a Non performing seller alert on Ebay. According to Ebay's 'seller non performance' policy, sellers are not allowed to refuse to accept payment at the end of a succesful sale.

    Of course, this won't make her send you the pill box, but it may make her take notice of you & agree to your request to withdraw the feedback.

    If she had emailed you in the first place explaining her mistake, she may well have avoided this. To neg you when you only gave her a neutral seems very unfair (and I am a regular seller on ebay!)
  8. Thank you dcgal I didn't know you could do that. If she doesn't withdraw then I will do it. I'm so mad about the negative!
  9. I am very interested in how you do a "seller non performance" on E-Bay.
  10. Ugh, she sounds like a real winner!! Sorry that happened to you.

    I for the life of me cant understand why people wont leave feedback when I was nice enough to leave it for them. Ebay can be so annoying anymore!
  11. I agree, do this and keep us posted!
  12. The ebay feedback system is totally flawed. I once received a fake LV from a buyer, who ended up getting kicked off ebay...but not before she had the chance to leave me negative feedback stating I was a "non-paying bidder". I hadn't even left her feedback yet because I knew ebay was investigating her. Anyhow, I was never able to get that off my record despite numerous attempts through ebay!

    Sorry this happen to you. Hope it works out.
  13. Before leaving anything but a positive you really should contact the seller and try to get an explanation/resolution first.
  14. i would report her as a non-performing seller.