I am, like, so screwed

  1. Note to Mod: Please don't move this to the Balenciaga Forum. It's not really about Balenciaga. It's about me discovering my next price point.

    OK, many of you know I'm a diehard Hayden-Harnett "Inka" fan. I recently realized, once and for all, that this is the bag for me. Heck, it ought to be - I've got one in every color. And I'm keeping them.

    SO - my next bag will be my NEXT dream bag, not sure which model yet, but it will be a Balenciaga. Oh, my target is the end of next year, and I'll by God pay cash for it.

    SO - in the meantime. I've discovered Bluefly sells Balenciaga ... and they sell the Money wallet, which is the one I've been looking at for a while.

    SO - coupla weeks ago, I took advantage of their 20% off, and added a code, and got the wallet in Indigo for a total of 26% off. I was (and am) quite proud of myself. (Oh, and if you go looking for these wallets, you probably won't find them - they seem to be hiding - or when they are FOUND, there's only ever one or two in stock at a time - haven't figured that out yet).

    Ladies, I got this wallet last Tuesday afternoon, and like HH's Inka, it immediately became my dream-come-true. Why ever NOT, it's a Balenciaga. And it holds every single thing I want with no problem. And of course, it fits in my Inkas just fine. I think they were made for each other.

    SO - I'm thinking I really need a different color - you know, dark for winter/fall, light for spring/summer. And I'm not touching that white one on eBay. So I head back to Bluefly. Damn it, there's the wallet in Sienna. BUT I can't find a working code, so I let it go and go off to the movies. (National Treasure: Book of Secrets - TELL me that what's-her-face isn't carrying a cobalt Inka - keep an eye out for it if you go - you can't miss the cobalt blue flash of color.)

    I come back several hours later, can't find the wallet (either one) and start panicking, I swear. I hunt back through my recently visited pages and ah ah ah ah ah I find the Money wallet in Sienna I was looking at earlier ... and I remembered that Bluefly had sent me a code to use on my "Next January Purchase" (don't they understand, there is no 'next' anything, it's RIGHT NOW) and I use it. I BOUGHT THE DAMNED WALLET and I got my 26% off and I'm pleased as punch with myself.

    But I am so screwed. These beautiful gorgeous things cost as much as an entire handbag plus (MY normal price range), and I'm ... panicking again, off to take a chill pill and throw myself into bed under many layers of blankets.

    P.S. - no, no debt, this is a paying proposition, I have one cc and it gets paid off every month. And now you KNOW the car is going to break down.
  2. Oh India, India, India. Fellow handbag comrade, this is how it is! I am here for you if you need me and I understand. Breathe deep my friend, and let there be clarity.

    Okay, aside from all the bullsh*t I just wrote, werent you head over heels in love with the Hayden Harnett clutch wallet? So much so, that you got me obsessed with it, and I had to go hunt one down in Cobalt AND Plum? What happened?

    Edit: GOOD GRIEF! Is that your plum HH wallet listed on eBay!? What have you done woman!? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THOSE ARE TO FIND???

    Ive got much more to say, but I will wait for your response!:yes:
  3. Haha!! I feel your pain. I joined tPF in April of this year. At the time I felt $200 was pretty pricey for a good quality purse. Fast forward 8 months, and I just plunked down $2700 (gasp!) for a bag today. And what's worse? I bought another bag ALSO today for another $1800!! So I spent $4500 in the blink of an eye and am I feeling any remorse? Heck no. A little nervous about when my husband finds out, but remorse, nope. Scared about what I'm capable of though. My limit has increased exponentially, and I'm afraid of what I'll do next. Really can't wait until those bags arrive though!
  4. Jumpin Jellybeans! What bags did you buy with that pretty little chunk of change?
  5. Seriously though India...if you stick to just two of the Bal money wallets, one dark and one light like you are thinking, you'll be fine. Now what would be off the wall and totally irrational would be buying one in every color to match every Inka you own. Its just two wallets, its okay. :yes:

    (But, if it was two Hermes wallets, I would say cool your jets!)
  6. i never used to buy like i do now...and the worst part of it is that after i buy a bag? that wonderful feeling that i used to get? it's now much more fleeting than it used to be...i just got the RM MAM in evergreen and LOVE it, but am now thinking of getting some kind of mbmj bag...i have 4 new bags...when is it ever enough?!?!?!
  8. I AGREE. Basically a few hours after it hits my hands I am on to my next bag! And I always wondered why I had commitment problems in my relationships! It all stems from my bag obsession! LOLOLOL.
  9. I'm slowly starting to realise that a new bag doesn't mean the end of bag lust- i'm just on to the next one too... so I'm trying to slow down. i'm also trying to resist the tempation to buy 1 model of bag in multiple colours as i know i'll just end up with one favourite that I'll use constantly and the others will just sit and look pretty in my closet. If you are going to use both wallets then good on you but please try and resist the temptation to buy more. There will always be another dream bag/ wallet round the corner that you need to save some $$££ for!!!
  10. I found the only way I can stop buying more bags is quitting reading this forum. I started to read this forum like Nov of 2006, I started with Balenciaga forum first, and end up with 5 B bag. I read the Fendi forum and ended up with 2 Fendi spy. I stopped reading for a while, so I was really good not buying anything for almost 4 months, but then my old habit kicks back in. I told myself to stay away from Balenciaga and Fendi forum, but I ended up in this sub-forum. Now I added 3 Rebecca Minkoff and 2 Botkier and 4 Linea Pelle after I starting reading this sub-forum. My new year goal is again to stay away from the “purseforum”
  11. OMG!!! It is incredible how quick we change our thoughts about what is comfortable to spend - but I guess we wouldn't do it if we really couldn't afford it.

    OH - the problem with the really expensive things is that DHs don't comprehend it. I will never be able to explain to my DH to cost of a Balenciaga - not sure how that's going to play out when I get something so noticeable as a handbag. Bad enough that I had him carry my Money wallet in one of his big coat pockets last night when we went to the movies and he was wondering why I going on and on and one about making sure it was safe and wouldn't get squashed in his coat ...

  12. Gung, it's OK. The HH clutch wallet was almost a dream - almost the perfect wallet - but I couldn't fit a checkbook in - I am still Old School and like to carry my checkbook. The Balenciaga Money Wallet is so much roomier, yet still small - and besides, it's... Balenciaga. It's of the most gorgeous soft leather - excellent hardware - the zipper feels like it's oiled or something, it zips so nicely. And it's not a tri-fold type of wallet, it's just better for me. I love the HH clutch for all the credit card pockets and the look and feel of the soft washed leather. But. It only failed me with the size. Just a smidgen more it would have been perfect.

  13. Oh, come on - wouldn't it be fun to have a Balenciaga wallet to match all of my Inkas - I'm looking for a blue shade, too. Later. Not now. But I am looking ... but ARGGGHHH!!! This is a disease!

  15. I'm sorry, I'm laughing so hard ... this is hysterical laughter, because I feel the same way. Lucky for me I have no interest in the majority of the other brands. I came to tPF to find out about Hayden-Harnett, and I've stuck to that except for the Balenciaga. I knew about them before coming here, so - I guess I am lucky in that regard. I'm also lucky in that HH seems to have stopped making my beloved Inka, and of course I've got enough of those to last me. I can't imagine buying more than - say, two - BBags - because they are so pricey - but at least I can get two of the wallets (maybe three) and still feed myself. :nuts: