I am L.A.M.E.

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  1. I was in the Marc Jacobs accessories store yesterday and there was a Pan Am bag on the counter. I touched it, picked it up and decided I didn't want it. I just called about it and the clerk said the one I had in my hand was one they'd found in the stockroom when they were making space for other items. I am bummed. So close. It was almost mine.
  2. You're bummed because they don't have it anymore?

  3. I know the feeling. The Pan Am bag, although adorable, is a little too kitchsy/novelty for me too. Don't be bummed. MJ is a genius..he'll dream up something even more adorable.
  4. it's ok! if you didn't want it in the moment and didn't feel that tug, then you know it wasn't for you! it's ok, ferragamo fiend is right, something great will come soon!
  5. And next time, I won't hesitate.