i am just so sick of it - mini rant

  1. i am so sick of paying all kinds of money for shipping and then getting things that cost half or less that half for the shipping and they are just packed so carelessly.

    i just got something i bought. i paid 12 dollars for shipping. it was lv. ok, fine- i figure it should def cost that or almost with insurance (it was about 200 dollars) plus siggy conf etc. i get it and it looks like it cost 6 dollars. it was thrown in the old brown lv shopping bag with an old lv ribbon tossed in the bag. then the brown bag was wrapped in bubble wrap- no tape, just wrapped around it- and thrown in a tyvek.

    ok, i know i am not the norm for the way i ship- that would have been wrapped in tissue, then in the bag, then in bubble wrap, then in a baggy (give or take the bubble wrap) with a packing slip, note, etc. i know most people don't do that. but why would you charge so much for doing NOTHING? i mean don't you even have respect for what you sell or your business? I'm sorry but it just irks me. i just think it's so crappy and disresectful and cheating.

    i only buy things when i accept the shipping costs so i fully knew it would cost 12 dollars. but i expected my item to be treated right. shipping like that makes me feel like the seller is almost doing me a favor sending it to me. and they made 6 bucks just doing that! grrrr

    i so want to give her a neutral or a soft positive. i always tell the sellers when this sort of stuff bothers me but it happens so often i feel like why bother? but then again it really bothers me.

    sorry i just needed to vent. i am so over it.
  2. I'm sick of it too. I'm paid 15.00 dollards for shipping in the usa, for a crappy usps box, shipping said it was only 4.19...crazy! I think people try to cover eBay fees, thats why they make shipping so high!
  3. I agree with you. :yes:

    An item should always be properly wrapped and packed in a good quality cardboard box, with a packing slip, at the very least, IMO.

    The problem is, that on eBay, good sellers are competing on price with people who send stuff in bin liners and charge the same amount as them (and keep the profit) and until people receive the good seller's beautifully wrapped parcel, or the bad seller's bin bag; they can't see the difference between the two!

    Therefore, it's tempting for people to skimp on packaging, I suppose.

    BTW, how much does it cost to send items that size, in a cardboard box, in the US?
  4. and then of course the idiot that i am i refunds shipping when i overcharge. so i refunded this guy who bought something a month ago. i have charged 25 and it was actually 14. so i refunded him 10. but stupid paypal had a glitch and it went through twice. of course pp won't do anything about it so they tell me i should email him asking him to refund one of the returns. do you think he has or has even emailed me yet? nope. and the buyer comes up on my buddy list so i know he's been online. i just emailed again.

    i have to wait a week to see if he'll do it and if not i have to file a pp claim. and OF COURSE he hasnt left me any fb yet so now i'm worried about a retailitory neg. for trying to give him money back! omg i am so :cursing:
  5. for what i bought- which was small- i think she paid about 6. i'll have to check though.
  6. mee to it make me mad
  7. yes, she paid 6 dollars. she self insured i think. but even still it would be less than 6 dollars for that...

  8. How much more would it have been, if it had been properly wrapped and shipped in a box, do you think?

    Some sellers include their time and/or petrol/gas costs in the p&p charge. If they haven't made much/have lost money on the item, I suppose you can't blame them not wanting to take a loss on the shipping, as well. If they've got a good price, then it's very mean, of course.

    Really, all sellers should be required by eBay to pack things well and charge a realistic amount for doing that. That way, they couldn't be undercut by the bin baggers!

    It can work the other way, as well, of course. I once charged £4.00 (equivalent of about $7.00, or less, at the time) for shipping a nice quality dress, that sold for a very small amount, in a beautiful quality, tissue lined box and the buyer (who was a very nice person, in general) was a little upset, because the shipping cost was about £1.20 more than the postage cost alone.

    Even though the packaging materials had cost more than the difference! :shrugs:

    I think, sometimes, buyers (not you! :biggrin: ) forget that the shipping cost is supposed to include packaging materials and the time of the packer, too.

  9. How annoying! :sad:

    I've been the same in the past. :yes:

    At times, I've been hideously overcharged by sellers for postage ($40 for a large Chloe coin purse, which was sent in a barely padded envelope, from the US?!! :blink: ), but I've let them off, as I know I've got a good deal on the item.

    Then, when I've sold an item for the, way too low, opening bid (before I understood that very low opening bids are the territory of shill bidding sellers!!!); I've then ended up refunding shipping costs, as well! :rolleyes:

    Never again! :biggrin:
  10. well that's the thing. it would prpb have cost her the same amount but it would have been WORTH the extra money, kwim? i totally get that time, materials, gas costs money (although i kind of think the gas thing is ridic because i walk everything to the po being in nyc- does that mean i should get less for shipping that those that drive? and don't people use their cars anyway? i mean wouldn't you drive to the po or the grocery store or anything else and not get paid back for it if it wasn't for ebay? kwim? plus you can always get a pick up from the po)

    i have no problem paying a little extra for shipping but i would appreciate the item being packed well. i can't tell you the number of times i have been gouged on shipping for something just thrown in a tyvek or box. i just think it's gross. i lose money on basically everything i ship. it's dumb of me i know. but i want my buyers to feel like they're getting something special when they get something from me. or just not that i'm doing them a favor sending something to them. plus i build that sort of thing in to my prices. not the shipping.

    i did recheck the auction and she said in the auction that shipping was 10 but the details said 12 and that insurance was not an option.

    anyway i'm just not going to email her or leave fb.

  11. Yes, I see what you mean. :yes:

    Oh, can you do get the PO to pick up for free, over there?

    Over here, you can only do it if you pay about £1 a day, 6 days a week, every week. So, it would really only be viable for the powerseller.

    Over here, petrol/gas costs a lot of money and if you live out in the sticks, it could literally cos you £4 or £5, or more, to drive to your local P.O and back.

    Technically, to be completely fair, I guess people should really get less if they can walk to the P.O. Although, that would probably never happen, of course and that extra could just be profit for you!

    On a personal level, I rarely go to the P.O., or even the town centre, for myself, as I normally just drop letters and bills in the mail box and only occasionally send parcels to friends and family. We also, generally, shop out of town.

    So, it would usually be a special trip, if I sold one of my items on eBay. :yes:

    ITA. :yes:

    I think it should be mandatory for shipping to be non-profit and for prices to not be made artificially low, just for them to gouge you on shipping, instead.

    Perhaps you should leave a feedback saying that the packaging was woefully inadequate in relation to the quality of the item and the p&p charge?! :biggrin:
  12. One time I had a seller charge $25 for shipping. I got the purse in its dustbag shoved into a flat rate box! Even with insurance, his cost was $10.40. I was livid! I emailed the seller and said that for as much as I paid for shipping, I didn't expect to receive the purse in that manner. He said he was sorry and refunded part of the cost.
  13. I try to estimate the shipping to a little bit over, because I always ship UPS with sig. cnfermation and the costs vary from state to state.
  14. What is worse is giving the buyer a refund for part of shipping and then having the buyer return the item.
  15. Yes, it's sounding like they chear by charge higher shipping cost than actual. I ever receive jeans,too. The seller charged me for $35 then I noticed from the shipping invoice, it's around $12,5 only!! while I've told seller to reduce a little and he said NO! :cursing: cheat someone by $22.5 only?? So shame...